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Halle Berry in Bathing Suit Says “Let’s Get Fit”

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Halle Berry loves challenging her body, undergoing intense training for her MMA role in her directorial feature, Bruised (now on Netflix). Her tips and tricks to a healthy lifestyle perfectly showcase her dedication to wellness, so much so that she started her own wellness, health and spirituality community, rē•spin. She touted it this weekend. “Let’s get fit on this #FitnessFriday with @respin! Who’s joining us?💪🏽” she posted yesterday, with a photo of her riding a skateboard in a bathing suit. “It’s important to encourage yourself and others throughout your fitness journey,” she added, tagging A-list celebrity trailer Peter Lee Thomas. “Let’s get moving!… Always work to be the best version of yourself while landing on two feet..or four wheels.” How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Halle Berry stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!

She’s over the crunches. “My average workout these days doesn’t involve a single situp or crunch,” Halle said to Women’s Health. Although there is one ab move that she refuses to let go of because it’s so effective. “One abs move I do incorporate into my workouts pretty often is planks,” admits Halle. “I never did planks back in the day, but they’ve made a huge difference for my core strength and definition.”

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Change is so clutch to continue challenging your muscles in different ways. Halle tries everything from MMA style cardio workouts, plyometric training, running, resistance training, and high intensity workouts with her trainer, Peter Lee Thomas.

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It’s hard to know where to start with all of these fad diets, but intermittent fasting seems to be a big one with the stars. Berry generally will stick to fasting and blends that with a keto diet, focusing on high fats and protein to help control her type two diabetes. Thomas, Berry’s trainer said “a lot of the time she will have a steak with a big green salad and not butter lettuce, it has to be dark greens like spinach and kale,” he said. “Or she will have shredded chicken over a dark green leafy salad. Or she might have two or three eggs, not egg whites, she eats the whole egg because the yolk is very important.” 

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Posting often on her Instagram about it, she talks about what she does for meals including breakfast. Berry says, “a green drink or I do my bullet coffee,” referring to her morning routine. Bullet coffee involves adding oil or unsalted butter to coffee. It’s not too clear yet if this is good for you, but it works for Halle. She also relies on her amino acids to aid in building your muscles.

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The emphasis that she puts on self-care is so important and should be seen more in this industry. Berry prioritizes meditation, practicing calming breaths and being mindful. In a Marie Claire article, Berry reveals that she learned the practice after working with a yogi master in India. “The experience not only profoundly changed me, but it inspired me to never go a day without some sort of meditation,” she said.

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