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Kayla Itsines in Bathing Suit is So “Grateful”

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Kayla Itsines is showing off her baby bump in a swimsuit! The fitness influencer, who is 20 weeks pregnant with her second child, is sharing photos of her recent summer vacation to Greece. “I honestly cannot say enough how GRATEFUL I am to be having a good pregnancy this time around,” she wrote, adding that this pregnancy has been a lot easier than her last. She also revealed that next month she will be unveiling a pregnancy program on her Sweat app. How does the workout queen maintain her fit physique? Read on to see 6 ways Kayla Itsines stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!

You won’t find Kayla on a crash diet. “My diet hasn’t really changed much over the course of my career,” she recently told Women’s Health, adding that she doesn’t count calories, restrict herself, or follow a specific diet plan. “I do not recommend trying to follow ‘diet trends’ that you don’t enjoy, I don’t think that restricting what you eat is a sustainable way to live. Once I tried to cut down my carbs to support Tobi (he was on a diet for a bodybuilding competition) and… it did not end well lol. I was craving sugar and junk food that I never usually like to eat!!”⁣ she added in an Instagram post.

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Kayla follows the Mediterranean diet, eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, pasta, olive oil, lemon juice, and oregano. “I grew up in a Greek family in which food is the most important thing in the whole world,” she told Women’s Health. “As a rule, I don’t think about what I need to eliminate from my diet. Rather than cutting things out, I would add good things in.”

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Kayla encourages carb consumption. “Complex carbs like wholemeal bread, brown rice, quinoa or wholemeal pasta can provide your body with great nutrients and keep you fuller for longer. So you need to find what works for YOU, but don’t be afraid to include carbs as part of your diet!⁣” she wrote on Instagram.

You won’t find Kayla intermittent fasting. “I usually wake up hungry, so the first thing I want to do is eat, not train,” she told Women’s Health. “I want to make sure that I have enough fuel in my body to be able to work out.⁣⁣” Her first meal of the day? “It’s probably going to sound disgusting,” she said, revealing that her favorite breakfast is “two pieces of toast with olive oil, anchovies, tomato, and olives on them.”

Kayla indulges on the weekend by going out to breakfast. “I go out for breakfast every Saturday morning with my family and I order this dish every. single. time,” she told Women’s Health. She also can’t say no to Greek cakes when she is visiting her grandparents. “I’ll never say no to [that],” she said. 

Working out is Kayla’s job! The fitness queen’s method, ​​High Intensity with Kayla Itsines program, consists of short but effective workouts. “I designed High Intensity with Kayla to help women everywhere achieve their fitness goals in workouts that require minimal equipment and only 28 minutes of your time — I wanted my program to be FLEXIBLE for women who have busy lives,” she says on her website. She uses a training method called progressive overload: As you progress and your fitness improves, the workouts become more challenging so that you can continue to achieve results. They are also a combination of cardio and resistance training.

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