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Sommer Ray in Bathing Suit Says “Oooh I’m in a Trance Lately” 

Sommer Ray/Instagram

Sommer Ray is modeling one of her own swimsuits! The influencer and designer shows off her incredible figure and swimsuit designing skills in her latest social media post. “oooh i’m in a trance lately,” she captioned the clip of herself, posing on rocks. How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Sommer Ray stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!

Sommer explained to Life & Style why she created a diet and fitness app. “On most apps you have to write what you ate, on mine you can talk into the phone and it’ll calculate the calories, the protein, everything. It does the math for you. It’s very innovative and I’m very excited to share it with the world. It’s workout, it’s diet, its tips, it teaches people correct form, it’s universal,” she said. 

Sommer maintains that you have to eat right to get into shape. “Diet is key. Diet plays a huge role in fitness,” she said. “A lot of people go to the gym, work out really hard, then don’t follow up with a good lifestyle. You can’t expect a flower to grow without any water. Work out, but also take care of yourself.”

Sommer maintains that hydration is also crucial. “Drink lots of water, that’s the key. A lot of times when I feel bloated, to me drinking a lot of water really gets rid of all that,” she told Life & Style. “If you’re having trouble sleeping, try making changes to your routine to get the sleep you need. You may want to:

  • Change what you do during the day — for example, get your physical activity in the morning instead of at night
  • Create a comfortable sleep environment — for example, make sure your bedroom is dark and quiet
  • Set a bedtime routine — for example, go to bed at the same time every night,” says

Another part of the stay-fit equation, per Sommer? Rest. She says, “get plenty of sleep, my biggest pet peeve is looking puffy and tired.”

It’s clear that Sommer has a no pain, no gain approach to exercise. She told Cosmopolitan that she works out five times a week for up to 90 minutes, devoteing two days a week to her lower body and booty. “If my glutes are sore, I tell myself, ‘I probably shouldn’t work them today,’ ” she explained. “I just listen to my body.” She also tries to mix up her workouts. “There’s not a certain exercise or specific workout that’s beneficial,” she says. “I switch it up every day and try to make it fun, because as soon as it feels like a job, you don’t want to do it.”

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