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5 creepy prophecies of the famous fortune teller Baba Vandja for the next year 2023! A nuclear power plant explosion is not the worst!

Vandja, known as the “Nostradamus of the Balkans”, died 26 years ago at the age of 84, but was believed to have powers of prediction because of all the things she predicted about the near and far future.

She said the world is moving towards the disturbing year 2023, with a major space storm, a “solar tsunami” and a nuclear disaster.

Vandja began to “predict” the future as a local fortune teller.
But soon hundreds of people began lining up outside her home, especially those desperate for news during World War II.

From there, her legend began to grow, and she was even placed on the payroll of some state governments in 1966 because of her “psychic ability”.

Myths about her began to spread even before her death, but even later, when the Internet era began, the story of Baba Vandja took on its own momentum. That’s why today we will look at the predictions made by Vanja for the 23rd year.

1. The earth’s orbit will change

One of the most famous prophecies from Baba Vanja for 2023 is that the Earth’s orbit will somehow “change”. It’s not clear what this means – but if it does, it could have disastrous consequences. Our planet remains in fine balance in the “cosmic dance”, but if even the slightest change occurs, catastrophic climate change can occur. Glaciers will melt, sea levels will rise and global chaos will ensue.

2. Solar tsunami

Another vague prediction often given to Vanga is a solar storm of a scale never seen before. Solar storms are bursts of energy from the sun that send electrical charges, magnetic fields, and radiation toward Earth. They can be as powerful as a billion nuclear bombs. But space weather is often simply seen as a beautiful phenomenon in the sky, such as the Northern Lights. However, the most powerful solar storms and flares are predicted to damage technology – potentially leading to massive outages and communications failures. Some particularly dire warnings have described such events as humanity’s return to the “dark ages”.

3. Bioweapons

Wanda is also alleged to have said that a “big country” would conduct bioweapons research on humans. It is claimed that hundreds of thousands of people could die as a result of these twisted experiments. The United Nations Biological Weapons Convention effectively prohibits such experiments. And it also prohibits the storage of viruses and dangerous bacteria. However, it is feared that some countries, such as China, will run shady bioweapons divisions.

4. Nuclear power plant explosion

And in another, potentially more realistic, prediction, it is claimed that Baba Vanja warned of the impending explosion of a nuclear power plant. This prophecy may be more worrisome because there are real fears of a catastrophe in Ukraine. Russia occupies the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) as war rages around them. UN inspectors have now visited the site – but fears continue as Kyiv accuses Moscow of “nuclear blackmail”. One wrong move in the facility could cause a disaster that could spread across Europe.

5. End of births

Vanga’s last claim was that in 2023 births could be banned and all humans would be bred in a laboratory. Leaders will decide what kind of people will be born and will be able to customize their traits and appearance. Everyone will end up as a character from the computer game “The Sims”. This is definitely one of Baba Vanja’s weirder predictions and feeds into the fears some have about slowing down the birth rate. The average birth rate was 36.9 per 1,000 people from 1950 to 1955, while now it is only 18.5. And some forecasts predict that by 2050 it could drop to 14.6. Vandja’s so-called predictions stretch far into the future – with claims she said that in 2025 Europe will remain largely uninhabited, in 2028 humanity will discover a new source of energy and go to Venus,

Going further, it is claimed that in 2288 time travel will be created, by 3797 all humans will leave Earth, in 4599 humanity will achieve immortality, and in 5078 humanity will leave the known universe.