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A boy with a cough donated his hair to children with cancer – but then the doctors discovered the terrible truth

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you wanted it to. Just ask 12-year-old Torrin Breneman. For three years, he spent his time helping sick children in a unique and selfless way – by donating his hair.

But then life took a drastic turn, and it all started with a troublesome cough. This is one of the most powerful stories we have read in a long time, and we hope everything goes well for the amazing 12 year old boy.

Three years ago Torrin discovered something: Many children with cancer lose their hair during treatments. Although the main goal of treatments is of course to restore health to each and every one, their appearance can still affect their self-confidence.

The non-profit organization called Wigs For Kids helps children who have lost their hair. They takes hair donations and turn them into wigs, which then are given to children with cancer.

Torrin wanted to help, so for three years, he grew his hair so he could donate it later.

Torrin’s hair confused people who sometimes thought he was a girl, and thugs laughed at him. But Torrin continued to grow his hair until March, when it was long enough for donation.

Then six months later, Torrin suddenly suffered from a severe cough. And when the cough did not stop, he was hospitalized in a children’s hospital.

The doctors’ diagnosis

In September, Torrin was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system. When people in Torrin’s neighborhood heard what had happened, they raised money to help the family.

They also brought gifts for Torrin and his sister, but those gifts were stolen. When the media reported that the gifts were stolen while the family was in the hospital along with Torrin, the gifts were returned.

Torrin expected to go to a wrestling event last week, but even though he had tickets, he could not go due to his health condition.

On October 8, Carrie, Torrin’s mother, wrote on Facebook, “Most people were sad to be here, but the truth is, they don’t stop caring for him here, so for me, it makes me feel safer”.

We hope Torrin recovers as soon as possible. Please share the story as a tribute to the 12 year old boy who spent three years helping children, and now needs help himself!