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A car mechanic fixes a single mother’s truck for free and then receives some assistance in return.

Candice Berry, a single mother who adores her adolescent son, goes to tremendous efforts to provide for her family.

Candice’s plate is frequently full due to her assumption of most of the responsibility.

She was disheartened when her new automobile began to deteriorate.

Candice uses the car to get to and from work every day as well as transport her son back and forth from school.

It’s for this reason why Candice took immediate action the second she recognized her faulty brakes. Candice began making phone calls to countless auto repair shops.

Unfortunately, their estimates were way out of her budget. Candice then decided to forego a local mechanic shop and turned to Adam Ely instead.

Adam, the owner of an automotive service, is a former military mechanic. His shop, Hard Luck Automotive, seeks to aid individuals who lack substantial financial means.

With nothing but his toolbox in tow, Adam drives to individuals in need who need their car problems remedied.

He doesn’t charge for the diagnosis and only holds customers financially accountable for the parts required.

When Candice learned of Adam’s services, she was quick to contact him.

In hopes of expressing her sincere gratitude, Candice went the extra mile by contacting the local bank and news station.

A few days later, Adam walked into his garage to find his family, a news crew, and $400 waiting for him.

Not only did Candice give Adam the proper thanks he deserved, but he got exposure for his kind deed as well.