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A charitable woman gives her winnings from the lotto to a man living on the street.

In February, Sofia Andrade braved the bitter cold to visit a convenience store in Wareham in the dead of winter. She purchased a scratch-off ticket, which she then proceeded to scratch off swiftly to win $200. She was ecstatic and made use of the opportunity straight away. While travelling home from work and stopping at a stoplight, she observed a homeless man begging for money in the freezing weather outdoors. She called the man over to her car, and then she drove him to a local coffee shop so that he could warm-up


Glen Williams revealed that he had been homeless for three years after introducing himself and Sofia to the man. It was astonishing that a complete stranger went out of their way to comfort him. He was overcome with emotion as a result of the stranger’s thoughtfulness in bringing him coffee, and tears streamed down his face. He explained to her that all of the shelters in the vicinity were already full and that his only option was to sleep outside in the cold.

Sofia realized after only one hour that the money she had won on a scratch-off ticket was not meant for her.

She concluded that she wasn’t the one who should have done it.

Sofia’s funds were used to cover the cost of Glen’s hotel stay in the area.

She then launched a GoFundMe effort to raise funds for Glen. Since then, it has gotten a lot of attention.


The response was encouraging and prompt: a local hairdresser volunteered to cut his hair free of charge, while others gave warm winter clothing, and one small girl sent him a Valentine’s Day message that said, “Know you are loved on Valentine’s Day.”

In light of all the assistance he had received, Glen acknowledged that “there are many wonderful people.”

I’d like to show my gratitude to everyone that helped me out.

It’s fantastic in every way.

H/T: KindlyFeed

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