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A Man Arrested For Getting Paid for 4 Years more After Being Fired

Last week a subway maintenance man in New York was imprisoned after receiving almost $250,000 in pays after he had been fired from his job. A 47-years-old man, Ronald Berry, said he didn’t know he had been fired six years back, he told that since 2015 he has been on sick leave for high blood pressure and asthma.

He also use to pick up his wages every two weeks from city Transit office, and he use to do so without any problem since 2015. On Thursday, October 3, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) issued something unusual happening and instructed the administrations, to ar’rest Berry for trespassing when he reached to collect his earnings.Berry asked his boss how is still getting paid after being fired in 2013 as alleged, they told, That’s not my problem, that’s payroll’s problem. It’s still known how Berry came out back on the payroll in 2015, after two years he was fired from the company. Berry was even more disturbed by the dilemma he organize himself in because he alleges the agency have been delivering him letters, instructing him he needs training.

He told, “If I’m terminated why am I getting letters from them? The last one I got was at the end of last month and I believe it was for asbestos training or track training. Now if they would’ve sent me a termination letter, f*ck going to pick a check upI’m terminated already, let me file for unemployment. Sources related to MTA told the agency for ‘locking in and locking out’ they now use biometric fingerprint technology, which they instructed would have put an end to Berry’s claims sooner. The New York Police Department (NYPD) verified Berry was accused of criminal infringe after ‘being noticed inside an employe-only NYC transit facility