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A Man Places 256 Crayons Inside Oven. The Result Is A Beautiful Work Of Art

If you have 256 crayons lying around (and creative art skills), then this video is for you.

If you like watching people turn ordinary objects into beautiful creations while then this video is also for you.

I’m sure you’ve seen these videos before where artists and craftsmen turn ordinary objects into craftily sculpted masterpieces. These kinds of videos are always so intriguing because they show us the span of human creativity.

It’s been said that the imagination is boundless and it’s videos like these that prove this statement true. It’s so cool watching how some people can manipulate something as simple as colored wax into a vase.

This skilled artisan, Peter Brown, can turn just about anything into a work of art. From Oreos encased in resin to colored pencils transformed into a ring, this man sees the potential for art where others don’t bother to look.

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