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After a nurse did something unexpected, an 8-year-old boy was given a second chance at life

Eight-year-old Wisconsin kid Brayden Auten received the most extraordinary present from the most unlikely source: an ICU nurse gave him a piece of liver.

The youngster started feeling ill in April of this year, so his parents rushed him to the hospital. Once there, medical professionals discovered that a virus was attacking Brayden’s liver with ferocity.

Since his health was deteriorating quickly, they placed him on the transplant list. Ruth, the boy’s mother, admitted that they never expected his condition to be that bad.

Getting weaker
James, Brayden’s father, took to Facebook on May 6 to share a heartbreaking update on his son’s condition, admitting that his liver was failing and asking people to pray so they could find a liver soon.

In their attempts to find a donor, the Autens shared Brayden’s online. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to be a good match. Thankfully, Cami Loritz, and ICU nurse in Milwaukee, learned about the boy’s condition.

Cami Loritz’s help
She stepped in to help, and she was a perfect match! On May 21, James shared on Facebook a few photos of “the angel” who saved his son, thanking her for giving up so much time and enduring pain to “save his life.”

The surgery was successful and, after spending several weeks getting better, Brayden was released from the hospital. Earlier this month, Cami shared a photoshoot both of them had, followed by a lengthy message asking people to donate.

In the images, Brayden and Cami posed together wearing matching shirts and showing their scars.

“Now that we are almost 4 months post-transplant it’s heartwarming seeing Brayden enjoy being a kid again, no argument he’s stinkin’ cute! I am beyond thankful his family gets the chance to have their little boy back and healthy,” she wrote in her post.

Asking people to share their story
After explaining that the liver was the only organ capable of regenerating itself and sharing data on how many people donate, Cami added:

“With all of that being said, living organ donation is a FEASIBLE concept to SAVE LIVES! On top of all the love and support we’ve received we’re asking for your help to educate the public and raise awareness about living organ donation.”

Thankfully, Cami is not the only person who has helped people by donating an organ. A 56-year-old father saved his son’s life by giving one of his kidneys without him knowing.