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After Being Made To Have The Flight Attendant Wipe His Butt, The Overweight Passenger Moaned In Pleasure

A Taiwanese flight attendant for the airline EVA Air was left traumatized and humiliated by the actions of an overweight passenger.

The man apparently insisted that the flight attendant wipe his butt after he did his business inside the airplane’s tiny toilet.

The flight attendant, identified simply by her family name Kuo, stated in a press conference that the passenger made other unreasonable demands.

He was not named in the public statement but he was described as a large Caucasian man who was traveling from the Los Angeles airport to the Taipei airport.

Kuo revealed that the man also asked for his pants and underwear to be pulled down as he got inside the airplane’s toilet.

He then told the all-female crew that one of them should wipe his backside after he was done relieving himself.

The man first insisted to be moved to a different seat when he got on the plane because he got assigned on a cramped space.

He also asked a flight attendant to assist him as he went to the bathroom.

Apparently, the passenger was temporarily incapacitated as he just had surgery on his right hand and was still recovering from it.

He also complained that the airplane’s toilet was too small for him so he could not move properly.

The flight attendant then assisted the man to the toilet in the business class section.

While there, however, he insisted that the door to the toilet be kept open.

He said it would help for “better circulation” as he took a dump.

But the flight attendant told him the door had to be shut.

After a few minutes, the crew saw the emergency assistance button at the business class toilet light up.

The man called on the flight attendant to pull down his pants.

When the flight attendant didn’t do anything, the man yelled at her.

One other flight attendant brought a blanket to cover the man because his genitals were now exposed.

However, the man angrily told them to take away the blanket and he slapped the hand of the flight attendant who was covering them.

The crew left the man to relieve himself but the man called them back to wipe his buttocks.

Reluctantly, one of the staffers had to put on three sets of gloves and started wiping the man’s backside.

She said that the man moaned in pleasure but he also accused her that she didn’t clean it well so she had to wipe his butt three more times.

EVA Air said in a statement that it is beyond the duties of its crew members to assist passengers inside the toilet, even for those who have special needs.

The company said it is prepared to support its staff should the women decide to sue the man.

Kuo and her colleagues also have the support of the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union.

They want the man banned from flying EVA Air and they want the airline to also have male cabin crew members in its flights.