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After Defrauding Dozens Of Customers, A So-called Fortune Teller Was Ordered To Pay More Than $200,000 To The Hurt Customers

A mother of two from Los Angeles, California, was ordered to pay more than $200K to clients she defrauded as a fortune teller. She may have predicted other people’s future, but not her own.

Melissa L. allegedly convinced her clients that she had the power to ward off negative energy. All they had to do was give her a certain amount of money, temporarily, until the negative energy was gone.

She managed to deceive dozens of clients and convinced them that the given money would be returned after some time.

The court found her guilty of fraud and she pleaded guilty. It was decided not to serve a prison sentence after she agreed to pay all the money to the injured parties according to a pre-determined schedule.

Melissa has an obligation to appear in court after 6 months with proof that she regularly pays the damaged clients according to the agreed schedule.

One of the victims that appeared as a witness stated that she gave their entire family’s life savings to the so-called fortune teller and that their credit rating dropped.

If Melissa fails to pay as per schedule, she will face up to 3 years in prison.