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An honest man shows a woman a rare item in her garage sale

You know that saying that goes, “you don’t know what you have till you lose it.” Thanks to this honest veteran, This woman wouldn’t regret losing this valuable item. If you’re a sports and historical enthusiast, this would particularly interest you.

It was a typical day for veteran expert Bruce Scapecchi. He’s up and out doing what he loves every Saturday morning. Driving around garage sales to make a unique find. Now Bruce has been doing this for over 5 years. He claims to have visited over 5000 garage sales each summer. He has a keen eye for catching unique details. And his long years have made him witness the most remarkable eras. This made him an expert at what he does.

A driveway away, a woman is making a garage sale in the suburbs. Bruce going about his day notices the sale. He parks his car and walks the distance upon a mundane street. And goes on doing what he knows best to do.

baseball bat

A little backstory, this woman, let’s call her Sally, made this sale for a reason. Her family was going through some financial issues, and they were left with the puppy and selling off what they had left. So the garage sale was put up with everything they deemed valuable and invaluable. At least, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Little did they know.

So Bruce walks up to the sale, and his third eye is at work. Everything seemed to be ordinary at first. But then he noticed the diamond in the rough. Buried under a ping pong table was a piece of wood. You could easily miss it if you weren’t finding it. He Calla for Sally’s attention and asks for the price. And as expected, she bids it at 1 dollar. Now any scavenger would take the offer and sell it at a whopping gain, but Bruce did otherwise. He asks her to bring a pencil.

Still uncertain, Bruce’s intuition tingled that it could belong to a historical baseball player. Sally was now curious as she watched Bruce scribble the pencil on an area of the wood. And slowly, it revealed the name of the historic Jackie Robinson.

Sally’s mind jumped with the revelation. Jackie was the first African American baseball player. He stood tall against the peak of racism in his time, ignored remarks from his teammates and the audience. And took the honor of the first AA to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era. Whether the world was prepared or not, America changed for the better that day in 1947. Sally was astonished she had such a prize and was about to give it on a platter. And thanked Bruce for his honesty. It changed her life, and it could only be exciting onward.

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