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Angry Boyfriend Climbs An Electric Pole After A Fight With His Girlfriend, Gets Electrocuted

Arguments, misunderstandings and fights are very common in a relationship. Most can handle conflicts maturely, but some can’t grasp it properly and reacts in the most unthinkable way.

Such as this man in China, who climbs to the top of a power line and gets electrocuted.

man on wire pole

The 30 year-old man named “Luo” climbs an electric pole after a heated fight with his girlfriend. However, while sitting on top, he came in contact with the live wires and was electrocuted.

man on live wores pole

According to witnesses, “They heard the sound of an explosion as the wires sparked.” At that very moment, Lou was instantly engulfed in flames and fell to the ground like a ball of fire.

man clims pole
He was rushed into the hospital and immediately received medical treatment. Luckily, he survives but suffered severe burns in his entire body.

Man Climbs An Electric Pole