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ARMED TEACHERS: Coming To A School Near You?

There are many solutions proposed for how to tackle the problem of school shootings in this country.

The tired, old, liberal response is simply to ban guns—an unconstitutional measure that looks increasingly untenable by the day.

A majority conservative Supreme Court is striking down unconstitutional gun laws all over the country and may even move to strike all gun laws as unconstitutional.

Something less often proposed is arming school teachers…

I can see the argument here, it’s certainly fresh and innovative, but would it be effective?

Personally, I don’t trust the typical public educator to catch fish right out of a barrel, should we be trusting these people with guns in the classroom?

Recently, a 2nd school district in Iowa has voted to allow armed teachers in the classroom, a move that certainly has some support among some and seems to be gaining traction:

But not everyone was so convinced…

Many voices point to the recent investigation surrounding a 5th-grade teacher who allegedly had a ‘kill list’ of both students and staff members:

Fox News gave us more insight into this recent development:

Cherokee is the second school district in the state to pass a measure allowing some teachers and other staff to carry firearms following the devastating mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which left 19 students and two teachers dead.

The Spirit Lake School Board voted in August to allow 10 staff members to carry firearms.

The Cherokee district made the decision Monday during a school board meeting, KCRG reported.

Western Journal shared one teacher’s perspective:

“Sadly now we’ve come to this. Well, maybe we need to arm people in the building. I can support that. I trust that if you do that, they have trained you to have safe places for the guns. It’s not something you’re going to do lightly,” Feser said.

“I just think of the difference that could have made at Sandy Hook or down at Texas or at any of these,” she said, noting that despite the need for such a policy, she would not be comfortable knowing a co-worker was armed.