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Baby Dies Making ‘Gurgling Noises,’ & A Mom & Boyfriend’s Sick Secret Is Exposed

When an 8-month-old baby in Georgia began making loud “gurgling noises,” her mother’s boyfriend quickly called 911 in a panic. Unfortunately, the baby died, but not before accidentally exposing her mom and her boyfriend’s sick secret, and what it was will leave you cringing at the thought.

When 8-month-old Kamonie Love Whitehead began making loud “gurgling noises,” her mother, Shavone Whitehead, and her boyfriend, Edward F. Wilson, panicked and immediately called 911. Unfortunately, when Wilson went to check on the baby, he found her unresponsive.

Whitehead began to perform CPR on her child until emergency personnel arrived and took the baby to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, where she was pronounced dead. However, while she was there, doctors exposed Whitehead and Wilson’s sick secret.

Kamonie had injuries “to her legs, buttocks, chin, and arms as well as fractured ribs, a hemorrhage, and potential skull fractures,” according to Daily Mail. Come to find out, the baby had been making gurgling noises because her sick mother and boyfriend had been beating her with a belt – which ultimately took her young life.

Although Whitehead initially denied the allegations, she eventually admitted to beating the child on the legs and buttocks as punishment. Anyone who has seen an 8-month-old child knows that a baby that age has no way of comprehending whether what they do is right or wrong, much less understand “punishment” of any kind — especially being beaten with a belt until they succumb to their fatal injuries.

“I want her to be able to do things like any other parent would,” Kamonie’s grieving father, Damarrio McCoy, said. “You wanna see your kid grow. I have all my wants, but I don’t know God’s will. I don’t know God’s will.”

He has since asked people to pray for him during this difficult time and hopes he sees justice for his baby girl. It seems some justice will be served, as Whitehead and Wilson have since been “arrested on charges of aggravated battery and cruelty to children,” according to KTLA. Depending on the results of the autopsy, their charges could be upgraded.

Although Whitehead and Wilson may never get what they deserve for murdering an innocent baby, knowing that they are going to jail for their crime provides some justice. There is no reason for anyone to harm a child, much less beat them to death with a belt. The only comfort anyone can have is knowing that a child has gone to heaven and they are now safe in the arms of God.