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Baby in coma wakes up before being unplugged after his father did this

Do you believe in miracles? Welcome to a new video. What are miracles? Do they really exist? A miracle is defined as an event that would not be explainable by natural or scientific laws.

There are those moments in which which a definitive result is expected, but due to incredible circumstances, that result changes to a positive one. For example, waking up from a coma that you were never expected to wake up from. Do you want to know this incredible story?

Perfect. But before we start, remember that at the end of this article I will be greeting some of you. What do you have to do to show up and be greeted? Just stay until the end of this article and dare I assure you, you’re going to find out.

Now back to the story. A baby in a coma wakes up before being disconnected after her father did this. This is the story of Dylan, a four year old British boy who had to fight against many adversities since he was barely born. This precious little boy had to fight against a rare lung cancer and even a coma that caused his parents to lose hope of ever seeing him smile. It all started on Christmas Day 2015, when Dylan was only two years old.

The little boy began to manifest respiratory problems, and his parents rushed him to a hospital. The doctors discovered that he had a collapsed lung, and Furthermore, the tests revealed that 80% of his lungs were covered with cysts, an unfortunate moment for Dylan’s family. The little warrior was diagnosed with Langerhans cell, histeoctosis, an extremely rare type of cancer that had affected his lungs. The boy was admitted to Queen’s Medical Center Hospital to start his treatment, and although he initially responded well to the medicine and he was able to leave intensive care. Some time later, he contracted a severe bacterial pneumonia that again severely damaged his lungs.

Dylan went into a coma in March 2016 after a few months of struggle. His condition was so critical that doctors did not think he would survive, and so they told his family. It was then that his parents made the decision to disconnect the machines that kept him alive. They called the whole family, including Dylan’s older brother. They baptized the little boy and said goodbye to him, but it didn’t end there because moments before the disconnection, the doctors discovered that Dylan’s heart rate was normalizing and the boy began to move.

To the amazement of everyone present, his oxygen level improved, and on April 4, when his parents were celebrating their wedding anniversary, he was able to be taken off life support. By May 16, his health had stabilized to such an extent that he was discharged from the hospital. Two months later, the doctors found that the lung cancer had completely disappeared. And today, two years later, Dylan is a healthy and happy child who lives a normal life with his siblings. During Easter 2018, the little boy’s parents have carried out a fundraising campaign with an organization that helps children with cancer, which once helped them to cover the costs of their son’s illness.

We have a long way to go, but all that we have achieved in these years have been absolutely incredible, said the mother of that little boy, who, no matter what the doctors and tests said, overcame that powerful and strange disease like a warrior. In this way, in addition to collaborating with families who need it most, they wanted to make Dylan’s story public, a story full of hope and struggle, which has moved us incredible, right? I did get very excited when I read the story, but it is not the only one we have to take into account because in 2019, the story of Michael Abuchan started to captivate everyone thanks to the fact that it is characterized by an extraordinary strength. Despite his young age, it was a ten month old baby with only 14 weeks of life who suffered from cardiac arrest. His parents, Emma and Stewart, who saw how he became breathless, were at those moments in the worst.

But the little boy managed to survive thanks to the quick intervention of the ambulance health personnel who took him to the hospital in Bristol in the United Kingdom. Once in the hospital, the doctors had to induce a coma so that his brain would not suffer any further damage. But they warned Emma and her husband that if Michael managed to wake up, he would surely never be the same child as before. The couple was totally heartbroken, but something great happened. Five days later, the child had woken up.

Yes, just as you’re listening. And the first thing he did was smile at his father, as if it was his particular way of saying that everything was going to be fine. In fact, against all odds, it seemed that there was no irreversible damage. So his mother called him the miracle baby, a nickname by which he has already known throughout the UK. Even though his struggle has only just begun, he still has a long way to go, since the reason for the cardiac arrest is, as doctors later discovered, a cardiac fibroid, a rare type of tumor attached to the heart that can block blood flow.

So although Michael has had a pacemaker since his heart attack, it may not be enough in the future. In addition, his cardiac fibroid is 5 CM, which is a considerable size considering how small a baby’s heart is in the United Kingdom. The only thing they can do for him is to perform a transplant, but the time is short and they must wait their turn on their waiting list. The solution that the specialists have given to the baby’s parents is in the United States at Boston Children’s Hospital, where they do have experience in removing this type of tumor and with a 100% success rate before waking up. For the moment, the doctors are assessing the possible sequels.

Yes, the costs of the hospitalization operation and the trip amount to more than 139 €0 A figure that they cannot afford. But this family does not give up by 2020. The hospital center responded and confirmed that they could operate on the child. So thanks to that, they opened an online campaign on GoFundMe to raise the money they need. Their son’s life depends on it and they are clear that they will do everything possible to get it.

For their part, in a few days they have already raised almost £165,000 which is more or less about €190,000 More than the money needed to cover all the expenses. Now they only have to wait for the appointment for little Michael to be operated and for him and his family to recover their peace of mind. We’re all with you, Michael. You can do it. Wow.

Incredible story, don’t you think? Tell me what you thought about this amazing story and what do you think about it? I was really quite surprised. It’s certainly quite difficult to consider that miracles can exist gradually. Science has shown us that for everything there is an explanation but in reality there are some events that we could simply catalog as miracles.