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Bartender Initially Denies Beer For ‘Soldier’, Sends Clear Message On Customer’s Bill

A bartender in Washington took to Facebook to share the story of what happened when he ignored state laws to honor a fallen soldier.

Brian Avey said in his post that a female soldier came into the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant where he worked to order a beer.

“A Military Woman came into my work today for Lunch, she ordered a Blue Moon and a Corona, I told her she could only do one beer at a time, She said the Corona was for her brother who died in Iraq and I won’t be drinking it,” Avey wrote.

The man decided to go against the state’s law permitting one beer purchase at a time and give her the Corona. The woman didn’t drink it, instead placing it next to her and letting it sit throughout her entire meal, untouched.

“When I brought her bill I told her Buffalo Wild Wings will be buying that beer… This is what she wrote on her credit card slip,” he wrote in the caption accompanying the photo of the receipt.

“Thank you,” the note read. “An act of kindness goes a long way. It means a lot to me. Have a great rest of your day. — Greatful soldiers.”

After the woman left, Avey did something that garnered applause across social media.

“After she left, I didn’t have the heart to dump the beer out and throw it away, so I put it on top of the cooler next the American Flag… When I showed my boss his response was Amazing… He said ‘That’s Fine, just do me a favor, put a fresh Lime in it Every Morning,'” he wrote.

Photo Credit: Phinious McAvey/Facebook, Mike Mozart/Flickr

Photo Credit: Phinious McAvey/Facebook, Mike Mozart/Flickr

The amazing gesture quickly went viral, with many praising Avey for honoring the soldier in such a special way.

“An awesome response from strangers, for a hero & the love & respect of a sister for her brother,” one reader commented on Facebook. “Gives a bit more faith in fellow human beings, thank you.”

“That’s so nice , thanks to all,” another wrote.

“This really brings tears to my eyes,” commented another.

Some expressed gratitude towards Avey on his original post.

“This doesnt surprise me,” one reader commented on Avey’s post. “I worked there for about 6 months and was surrounded by some of the greatest people Ive ever met. Proud to know these guys.”

“Brian from a mom that has a son in the U.S. Navy and is deployed at the moment I would like to say thank you for the kindness that you showed that woman…” another wrote. “You are a true AMERICAN.”