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Brilliant NASA Engineer Was Sick of Thieves Stealing His Packages So He Creates a Gadget That Brings Them Instant Justice!

In a world where online ordering has become the norm, deliveries of packages and signing for them has become more and more common place. With the uptick in online sales and deliveries there is also and equal increase in packages being stolen by criminals and thieves. Some of these thieves make their entire living off stealing other people’s packages and selling the stolen goods for profit.

These people have been named ‘porch pirates’ and for the most part they don’t look like your average hardened criminal you would expect to see. Some neighborhoods are scouted out by these ‘porch pirates’ and packages are stolen from all the houses in the neighborhood over and over again until they get smart too it, then the ‘porch pirates’ move to the next unsuspecting neighborhood.

You would think that most packages would probably be stolen from cities, but it is easier for these porch pirates to run their schemes in the suburbs where there are way less people and prying eyes who could potentially catch them. A really strange statistic in the United States is that North Dakota is the state with the highest rate of porch pirate theft in the entire country. The people in North Dakota are a whopping 26x more likely to be victims of this type of theft than the average person in America!

Usually these thieves can get away with this package theivery for months and even years before they ever run into any problems that would leave them being caught and eventually going to jail. However, sometimes they end up stealing from the wrong house or neighborhood and karma ends up serving them what they deserve real quick. Unfortunately though many of us have been victims to these porch pirates and don’t even realize it. A lot of times we think the package was just not delivered due to a problem with the post office or Fedex.

Many of us who are actually aware that we have been victims of this crime, have imagined and fantasized about how we would get our revenge and catch these thieves in the act however most of us never do actually get to catch them. Sometimes though, they are caught and even if it’s not your stuff, you can live vicariously through the person who catches them and get a bit of catharsis out of it.

This brings us to today’s story which features a NASA engineer who was getting really sick and tired of these ‘porch pirates’ stealing his packages and he decided to come up with a brilliant and scientific plan that only a NASA engineer could possibly think up. Not only did he come up with an ingenious plan but he caught it all on video so we can all watch with popcorn and enjoy!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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