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Bruce Springsteen declares, “I wouldn’t want to start right now” regarding the music industry.

Recently, Bruce Springsteen made his first appearance on the SiriusXM show that is hosted by Howard Stern.He discussed the particulars of selling the rights to the E Street Band’s saxophonist Clarence Clemons’ back catalog.He also talked about Only The Strong Survive, his new album of soul covers.

Springsteen made remarks about the current state of the music industry and expressed his gratitude for beginning his career earlier rather than later.”I think music has had to share the cultural arena with video games, movies, television, and everything else, everything else you can imagine,” Springsteen told Stern in his remarks.”That took place just today.To be honest, I’m relieved that I won’t be doing it today.

It was evidently a different path to musical stardom in the 1960s than it is today.Springsteen admits that life was much simpler back then.He stated, “We lived in a golden age because of what we did.””It is a blessing that you arrived just as the industry changed into something that no one expected if you were a young guitar player in 1967, 1975, or 1985.”

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However, I would not want to start right away.I have no idea if you can make things or not.To put it simply, it is a different world.

The boss then turned his attention to a well-known artist whose career began in the 21st century.Springsteen expressed his fatherly affection for Taylor Swift by saying the following:It has progressed.In essence, my daughter is a huge fan of Taylor Swift.As I collected her from the airport, she informed me, “Dad, Taylor Swift has got a banging new record.”At the conclusion, I say, “OK, a potent new album.”She dances while seated, and when I call from Newark, she plays it loudest.I stated, “That’s what I like to see.””It was tasty.

It appears that Springsteen and Swift have met once or twice, and the boss stated that he enjoys Swift’s music.He stated, “She has a lot of talent,” and that the album is excellent.She is only a distant acquaintance of mine.She writes gracefully.Consequently, there are individuals who continue to be satisfied with their records and produce excellent work.That will persist.You already know that it won’t be the same.That is the end of it.