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Brutal photo of a 10-year-old girl who attempted suicide as a result of bullying

An image of a mother’s 10-year-old daughter in the hospital following a failed suicide attempt due to alleged bullying at school has gone viral.

The night before her birthday, Lilly-Jo refused to eat and then “took drugs,” so Jess Brown hurried her to Worcestershire Royal Hospital.

Bullying has forced my daughter to fight for her life, said Worcester mother-of-three Jess.

After a few weeks at Witton Middle School in Droitwich, Lilly-mother Jo’s observed she had changed and was no longer her usual outgoing self.

Image credit: Jily-Jo mother personal Facebook profile

She hasn’t been eating and has become much more exhausted than before, according to Jess. “We’re travelling back and forth to the physicians. She immediately acknowledged that she was being bullied.

Jess has visited the school “every day” for the past 12 weeks to talk with personnel about the problem, but she thinks “nothing has been done.”

Jess detailed how her daughter has been “constantly bullied” by one other female student since enrolling at the school in a letter to the headmaster, Cath Crossley, last week.

The litany is endless: “She has yanked her hair, pushed her, smacked Lilly-Jo, locked a locker door on her head, stamped on her foot while it was broken.

The letter added, “I have to fight with Lilly-Jo to get her to school, with her sobbing, screaming, and making herself sick.”

“My daughter is being bullied, and I find it disgusting that nothing is being done about it.”

According to Jess, despite the fact that the school has been informed of every incident, incident reports have been filed, and the offending student has been placed in isolation, the bullying has continued.

Lilly-Jo has repeatedly told her mother that “she doesn’t want to be here,” and since her daughter is currently in the hospital, Jess claims she is forced to locate Lilly-Jo a new school.

Speaking to the Worcester News from the hospital, Jess lamented that “nobody seems to want to help at all.”

“We won’t be sending her back to school; the risk isn’t worth it.”

“The doctor stated she would have died if we had given her two more weeks. I refuse to bury my child.

Lily-Jo was taken to her GP at around 4.30 p.m. after refusing to eat and confessing she had taken unidentified drugs on Monday afternoon.

Lilly-Jo was exhibiting jaundice signs, according to Jess, who also revealed, “I felt my kid was going to die.”

The doctor then instructed Jess to take her daughter immediately away to the hospital.

Lilly-Jo was “disoriented” while they were waiting in A&E, but after spending the night in the hospital, Jess claimed she is now “stable.”

She stated, “I have a kid who is currently receiving various drips and visiting with mental health professionals in the hospital on her birthday.

Lilly-two Jo’s younger siblings, according to their mother, went to school on Tuesday “heartbroken” and “desperate to see their sister.”

Witton Middle School Principal Cath Crossley said: “When we learned of these complaints of bullying, we acted right once in accordance with the pertinent school policies and procedures.

“The families concerned were invited to in-person meetings with me, the deputy headteacher, and our chair of governors. The families have also been collaborating with our support worker.

This school takes all claims of bullying — including those that are racial, homophobic, gender-based, or connected to disability — very seriously.

A copy of our school’s strong anti-bullying policy is available on our website.

“We are using this week to organize a special kindness week where kids will collaborate to make a kindness tree that will be displayed.