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Can You Figure Out Why This Creepy Photo Of A Family Sitting On A Bench Is Gaining Popularity

Do you see it? There is something off about this family picture. Look at the little girl on the left. She is adorable – right?

But where did that hand on her arm come from?! It can’t be her dad’s hand, he is too far away.

Mom is holding the infant with both hands, and her older sister has both hands in her lap. So, what is going on?

The photo has gone viral, and many people are wondering what it is all about.

Was the picture photoshopped? Is it a ghost? Are we being tricked and deceived?

Why would someone do this anyway?

Some people have left comments saying that the hand belongs to mom and that the older girl was photoshopped into the picture.

Take a look at this image

I think the family in the photo should come forward and tell us!