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Cherry Coke” Hair Colour Looks as Good as It Sounds

When it comes to hair trends, the adage “what goes around, comes around” is accurate. The “Cherry Coke” hair color trend is a prime example of how many old styles can resurface if you wait long enough. Named after the well-known beverage, it not only sounds delectable but also complements naturally dark brunette and black hair especially well.

Years ago, this shade first appeared. Sassy Medchill, a Covet & Mane educator and the proprietor of Goldie & Co Salon, tells POPSUGAR that the look is reminiscent of the early 2000s. “I recall that this color was being done by everyone.” TikTok gave it new life, much like many other hair trends that came before it, such as the shag haircut, claw clips, and money-piece highlights.

Even Hollywood couldn’t escape red hair’s popularity over the past few years, and the Cherry Coke shade is the most recent variation to become widely popular. It’s a deep burgundy with a red undertone and looks really lovely on a dark brunette, according to Medchill. You should visit a qualified colorist at a salon to obtain this shade. “I always advise bringing in photos of how you appear, particularly when coloring your hair in the red family.”

Depending on your starting color, you can achieve the Cherry Coke shade more or less easily. She explains that in order to deposit the cherry-cola red-burgundy tone, you typically need to lift the natural color just enough. prior to committing.

According to Medchill, “the cherry-cola trend is definitely for someone who is willing to stick with it. Regardless of the color you choose for your hair, you should spend money on a quality, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. Additionally, you can use at-home hair glosses to preserve the vibrancy and stop your color from fading too quickly. Additionally, Medchill warns that using too much heat when styling “will pull the color out faster.”