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Colorado teen robs, shoots couple dead after conning them with stolen vehicle posted as used car listing

A couple was reportedly robbed and killed after they responded to an online listing to buy a used car, according to authorities in Colorado.

Parents to five children, 39-year-old Joseph and 40-year-old Jossline Roland were fatally shot outside an Aurora apartment complex after they went there to buy a used SUV without knowing that it was, in fact, stolen. They also had no idea that the seller of the stolen vehicle had intended to rob them of cash, according to an arrest affidavit filed in Arapahoe County District Court.

On August 14, Joseph and Jossline had gone to the Southlands Mall in order to purchase a 2017 Toyota Rav4 which they had seen on the Letgo app. When the couple arrived at the location, they met 18-year-old Kyree Brown who told them that he had accidentally brought the wrong vehicle title, according to a Denver Post report.

The police revealed that the car had been stolen a couple of days earlier. They also shared that Brown convinced the couple to follow him to his apartment which is when he allegedly robbed the pair at gunpoint using a 9mm handgun. He fired at them when their vehicle started to move forward, he reportedly told the cops.

Brown allegedly admitted that he had shot Joseph but claimed he shot Jossline by mistake. Once he had shot the couple, Brown stole around $3,000 in cash from the couple and fled from the area, according to his confession later. The couple were found unresponsive in their car and were rushed to a hospital but died within five minutes of each other.

Brown later listed the car for sale again and used the name, Jessica Harlan. A police news release revealed that he was arrested on August 27. Brown has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder. He had used a fake name on the Letgo app but had used an email account that authorities were able to track and connect with him.

The affidavit revealed that the police went to the family’s house where a 17-year-old was the oldest person there. They asked the teenager to call a trusted adult to come to their house before they delivered the news of their parents’ death.

The family of the couple has started a GoFundMe page. The organizer of the fund wrote, “They leave behind five sweet children. Anyone who knew Joe and Jossline would remember they were always the first to help. They were the best people you could know and their door was always open to friends and family.”

“No amount of money can replace what they’ve lost, but maybe we can pull together and provide some financial security for them,” the organizer had shared. The Aurora police had also shared a statement from family members that read, “Joe and Jossline are irreplaceable and will be dearly missed. Your continued support, respect for privacy, and prayers are most appreciated in this time of unimaginable loss and grief.”

Many social media users have reacted with shock and sadness to the tragedy and took to commenting on the same. One user shared, “No need to waste money on a trial here. He admitted it. Straight to the chair.” Another added, “My heart breaks for their family.”