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Cop Stops Young Boy, Asks Him To Come To His Patrol Car When He Suspected No One Was Looking

When this cop thought no one was looking, he told a young boy to come to his patrol car. The boy’s mother however recorded everything on camera and revealed this cop’s unbelievable​ next moves.

With so much tension surrounding police officers these days, police departments are doing their best to try and reconnect relationships with communities.

In an attempt to grow a productive and healthy relationship with the citizen they’ve sworn to protect and serve, cops started patrolling neighborhoods with serious caution, worried that any negative experience may further jeopardize their chance to engage civilians.

Of course, stories covered in the mainstream media often convey a sense of fear and suspicion when it comes to the actions of the men and women in blue. Unfortunately, the incidents in which officers use lethal force, whether justly or unwarranted, are splayed across every front page, painting cops as nothing more than power-hungry oppressors with racial inspiration. Sadly, “good news” isn’t often considered newsworthy.

Knowing this has created a false perception of police as a whole, the local police department in Summerville, South Carolina, has continued to look for opportunities to gain the trust of its city’s residents. However, after one officer-in-training was caught on camera during a surprising encounter with a little boy, the community might want to re-evaluate how they judge their law enforcement officers.

When parents were reviewing video surveillance of their home, they noticed that a patrol vehicle had pulled up directly in front of their son, who was playing alone outside in their front yard. Concerned, they watched the encounter between the officer and their boy unfold. Incredibly, what they witnessed has quickly gone viral on social media — and for a very good reason.

According to Fox 59, Summerville Police Department Field Training Officer Bilancione had spotted the boy playing football in the yard by himself. Without a second thought, the officer stopped his cruiser and called the surprised boy over, asking him to give him the ball.

Heartwarmingly, Bilancione began tossing the football around with the child, which the parents explained not only impressed them and their neighborhood but profoundly impacted their son. “My son was throwing the football up to himself in the yard and your officer noticed and stopped to play for a couple minutes,” the grateful parents wrote. “This made my son’s day and I wanted this officer to know…he rocks.”

Despite believing that he was merely helping a bored kid have a bit of fun and pass the time, Officer Bilancione came to realize that his small act of kindness had a much larger effect on not just his community but the entire country as well.

Soon, comments of praise and thanks poured in from citizens who were touched by the officer’s relatability and compassion. Of course, the humble officer never intended to become a local celebrity.