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Couple Notice Strange Clock In Rented Room, Then Discover Something Shocking

A man and woman in Richmond, Virginia, were in for a big surprise when they learned the alarm clock inside their rented home was actually a hidden camera.

The couple moved into the fully furnished home in 2012, and 2 years later they sensed something just wasn’t right.

In order to play his guitar, the man would unplug the bedside alarm clock and plug in his guitar. On more than one occasion, upon returning home, he noticed the alarm clock had been returned to its original location and plugged back in to the outlet. Finally he inspected the alarm clock and learned that it contained a hidden camera and a memory card.

The owner of the home and landlord, Tomas Arnaiz, has been charged with producing obscene materials, reproducing child porn, and filming a minor.

The female tenant was under 18 years of age when the undercover filming took place. The Richmond Police Department stated that it found hours of recordings on Arnaiz’s computer.

According to, the couple has filed a 1.3 million dollar lawsuit against Arnaiz and is alleging that they have suffered from emotional distress, anxiety and loss of sleep.

The couple claims to have been filmed while undressing and engaging in intimate and private situations. According to the couple’s attorney, Andrew Herzog, the tenants moved out the day after they discovered the hidden camera.