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Dad Picks Up 6-Yr-Old From School Only Teachers Notice His Pants & Suddenly Realize Situation

Our kids will get into all sorts of trouble, learn all sorts of new things, and experience all sorts of embarrassing moments. Parents just want their kids to be happy, safe, and feel comfortable – and this dad went the extra mile to make that happen!

Image Credit: Facebook/Connie Merrell Sowards

When little Valerie, a six-year-old girl living in Utah, had a bathroom accident at school, the school called her dad about it. The second Ben Soward heard what his little one was going through, he knew he had to come to the rescue! Not only did he know he had to pick her up immediately, but he also wanted to do help ease her embarrassment.

Luckily, the funny idea on how to do that popped into his head! Ben decided to get some water and splash it down the front of his pants so it looked like he, too, had wet himself. But it wasn’t just a hilarious idea – it was also what he knew he had to do to help Valerie feel better.

Image Credit: Facebook/Connie Merrell Sowards

Ben has always known that his daughter felt better whenever she laughed, and he knew that when he showed up looking like that, she’d chuckle and feel better already. He walked into the principal’s office, proudly sporting his own stain, and whispered urgently to Valerie that he needed to borrow her backpack to hide something. Valerie didn’t know what he meant at first – but soon, she saw the splash of water on her dad’s pants and grinned!

Image Credit: Facebook/Connie Merrell Sowards

From that moment, Ben knew everything was alright. She walked out of the school easily and comfortable, walking tall and proud in spite of her previous mortification. Once he saw that look on her face, he knew it would all be fine! We’re glad Ben was able to help Valerie overcome the embarrassment of this accident!