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Dad’s Girlfriend Leaves 7-Year-Old Boy To Death After Gasping Him To Air In Cold Bath For 12 Hours Before His Death: Police

Police: A Florida woman was arrested on the charge of child neglect after she allegedly left her boyfriend’s 7 –year-old son in a cold bath for 12 hours before his death.

Reports say the woman who was later identified as 33-year-old Shantay Belcher made a 911 call and reported about her boyfriend’s 7-year-old son Kyrie Gordon was “Unresponsive”

Police say that Kyrie has left the child in cold water for 12 hours before his death and Shantay checked on Kyrie several times overnights and she observed whether he was unresponsive or not and she waited to call 911 until the morning.

Initially, Shantay admitted that she should have gotten help for the boy, and also she wasn’t able to explain what she waited for. Police described Shantay Belcher as having “no remorse” at the time of her arrest.

Arrest affidavits said that Kyrie was sleeping on his bedroom floor at around 8:30 p.m. Saturday and Shantay Belcher was unable to wake him and allegedly left him on the floor.

Reports also say that Shantay called her boyfriend around 8 a.m. and told him that his son wasn’t ‘breathing’. Shantay reportedly called 911 shortly after the boy’s father came home.

According to WFLA, Shantay Belcher has a case history connected with the Department of Children and Families however, police haven’t given any confirmation regarding this statement.

Police say that Shantay could be put on further charges depending on the charges and the autopsy. For now, the investigation about the case is going on. We will let you know as soon as something new about the case pops-out.