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Dishwasher fired for feeding homeless man, see what the homeless man did when he found out

In today’s story, I’m going to tell you the case of an injustice that was committed against a young worker. But fortunately, in the end, Good ended up winning. The main character of our story is called Camila. She worked at a restaurant down in town where she lived, where she worked as a waitress. As usual, she was always the last. One out of work. After serving all the customers, Camila was. Still organizing things, cleaning the tables and.

Washing all the dishes to get everything. Ready for the next day. One day, Camila followed all her routine, closed the restaurant and left her home the next day. As soon as she arrived at work, she was challenged by Jessica, the restaurant. Manager, who said that a huge amount. Of money was missing from the cashier.

Camila scared that she hadn’t taken the money and that she had no idea what had happened. Jessica even talked to the other restaurant staff, but no one knew anything. As Camilla had been the last to leave the premises, it seemed a little. Obvious that she had stolen the money.

After much discussion, Jessica and Camilla ended up talking to Manuel, the owner of the restaurant. Jessica related everything that had happened and that she was sure Camilla had taken the money. When questioned in front of Manuel, Camila denied the fact, once again saying that. She would never have the courage to. Do something like that. Manuel took a good look at the.

Two employees and was unsure which one. Of them was telling the truth. She knew the logic was to believe his manager, but something inside Manuel said that if he sent Camilla away, he would be making a big mistake. He told the two to get back to work and that he would think of a solution to the problem. Camila knew she would be fired. She was one of the newer and less important employees, so it wouldn’t matter to Manuel to send her away.

Manuel decided to ask the opinion of his fiancee Sarah. He told her exactly what had happened and without thinking twice, Sarah said it was best to actually fire Camila immediately. Manuel agreed with a bride, but said he would think better of it. The restaurant was owned by Manuel and Marcos, his grandfather. In fact, Marcos was the owner of the restaurant, but the grandson who took. Care of the business.

Manuel then decided to turn to his. Grandfather to find out what he would. Do in that situation. The two talked a lot. Manuel suggested that his grandfather takes care of the restaurant for a few days while he took care of some things abroad. Also, because Marcos was the owner of.

The business and it wouldn’t be unreasonable for him to take care of it for a short period of time. However, Marcos refused his grandson’s offer. He said he was too busy and the restaurant would take up too much of his time. Marco suggested that Manuel led his fiancee to be in charge while he was away. Initially he thought it would not be a good idea, but later he agreed with his grandfather. Sarah was flattered when she received the invitation to run the restaurant. In fact, she always wanted to run a business like this, if only for a little while. Before making the trip abroad, Manuel held.

A meeting with the employees and said. That he would be out of the. Country for a few days, that Sarah. Would take care of the business. On the day of the trip, Manuel went to the restaurant and called Camilla to his office. He talked to her, said he was sorry, but he wouldn’t let her continue working because of something that had happened.

Camilla once again denied stealing the money, stating that she was an honest person, that she needed the job, and that despite being poor, she would never be able to steal. Manuel told her that the most he could do was let her work there for a few more days until he returned from his trip. Over the days, Camila was sad as she knew that she really needed that job. On one of her breaks from work, she sat on a bench in front of the restaurant and started crying. Suddenly she was surprised by a man who appeared to be homeless. He sat next to Camilla and started.

To eat with her. First he asked why she was so sad. She told what had happened. Afterward, he said that this world really is unfair and told her his whole emotional life story. Tu talked a lot and even became friends. Camila asked why he lived on the street because without a job it was only a matter of time before she ended up in the same situation as the homeless. He said that it was not easy and that he went through many difficulties, but that God always put a kind person in his path. Seeing that the man’s situation was a little more complicated, Camila wiped her tears.

And said that she would help him. She went to the restaurant, got some. Food and gave it to the old man. He thanked her a lot and Camila said that the other day she would help him again, and indeed at the next day Camila brought him a pot of soup. Afterwards she took coats and blankets as she knew it was very cold at night. She also gave him shoes and some clothes. When the gentleman asked her if she had spent the money to buy those clothes, Camila said that her brother had died a few months ago, that the clothes didn’t fit her moved, he thanked Camila very much for her kindness. She went back to work and sat on the bench in front of the restaurant.

In the meantime, Sarah hurriedly left while. Chatting on her cellphone. The gentleman who was still at the bank listened to the entire conversation. He caught Sarah talking to another man, asking her for money. At one point, she said that the situation was complicated and that she was almost caught, but managed to blame one of the waitresses. At that moment, even without fully understanding the situation, he realized that Camila was. Innocent, that Sarah was actually the one. Who had stolen the money.

Manuel’s own fiance. After that, the man was never seen. In the vicinity again. Camille even took some more warm clothes that she had found at home, but she never saw the gentleman who was there. Every day again, Manuel was gone for more days than expected, and upon returning, he found that Sarah had sent Camilla. Away before the end of the ten days. He’d promised her he was furious, but he respected his fiance’s decision. After a while, Marcos called his grandson and said he wanted to arrange a.

Meeting to meet Sarah’s family. Manuel thought the idea was incredible because Marcos was his inspiration. He insisted that his father in law and mother in law met such an important person. They arranged dinner at Manuel’s own house. On the appointed day. All the guests had arrived except Marcos. Manuel found it strange, as his grandfather. Used to be punctual.

Suddenly, a very poorly dressed homeless man walked through the door. Everyone was perplexed and not understanding what was happening. Sarah recognized the homeless man who was sitting at the door of the restaurant and ordered him to leave. Manuel, laughing, told her to calm down because that man was precisely Marcos, his grandfather, but he just didn’t know why he was dressed that way. Marcos took off a fake beard and.

Wig and started accusing Sarah. He said he had dressed up as a homeless person to try to find out what had really happened at the restaurant, and when he overheard Sarah talking on the phone, he decided to hire a Detective to investigate her. Afterwards, he threw dozens of pictures of Sarah into the car with another man as they exchanged kisses.

Embarrassed, Sarah ran out of Manuel’s house, as did her family, who were embarrassed. Marcos talked to his grandson, explained everything that had happened, that he had talked to Camilla, and told him how much she, even though she didn’t have much, had helped him. Manuel was scared by the situation and knew that he needed to apologize to her. Along with his grandfather, Manuel arranged a. Meeting with Camilla and the two apologize. Camila doesn’t know what to say.

She couldn’t believe that the man she had helped was actually Manuel’s grandfather and the one of the owners of the restaurant where she worked. To make up for it, they gave Camila back a job. In fact, Marcos owned a huge chain of restaurants and gave her the top job in his company. Camila had a salary ten times higher than the manager who accused her of stealing. When she questioned Marcos why such a high position? He said that in his company, only good people worked because of the fact that she had helped him. Camila deserved a good job.

Doing good dear friends only makes the. Good multiply and becomes an endless cycle so far today’s story, my dear readers, we hope you liked it as much as we did. If you liked this story please do not forget to share it with your family and friends.