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Doctors Says What This Woman Has In Her Belly Has Never Been Seen Before

At one point we can be certain of in life is that things do not always turn out the way we expect them to, and we’re occasionally surprised. Courtney and her husband, Eric, were taken aback when the doctor informed them that what she had in her stomach had never been seen before for. So let’s take a look at what happened and we’ll find out her entire story at the end of the post.

Courtney and Eric Wandropper are a lovely Alabama couple.
They’ve known each other since high school, and when they married in 2004, it was clear to both of them that they wanted a large family. Courtney soon became pregnant, and they welcomed their son, Sailor, into the world. Nine months later, their adventure as parents had begun. Within a year, they began attempting to have their second. Courtney, however, suffered from a few miscarriages.

Now let’s go back to the store. It’s estimated that one out of every eight pregnancies ends in miscarriage, so it’s something that a lot of families go through, and it usually happens in the first trimester, which is a huge blow. It was heartbreaking because she can easily become pregnant, but she can’t keep them. It was upsetting, but they’d been through it before and she knew she had a medical issue, Courtney explained in an interview. Furthermore, she and her husband went for medical checkups, but instead were told it was difficult to determine why she was losing the babies.

To assist them in planning their family, they were given fertility treatments that worked, and Courtney became pregnant again, this time with twin boys named Wales and Bridge. So far, so good, and they were both ecstatic about their new family. They could have stopped there, and though they thought a fourth child would be nice, she struggled to conceive again, and treatments were administered. Once more, Courtney was put on a lower dose, this time to reduce her likelihood of acquiring multiple fetuses. This, once again, did not work.

When she became pregnant, she went to Huntsville Hospital in Alabama for a checkup. She had an ultrasound, and the couple awaited the results with bated breath. She soon emerged from the house, a shocked expression on her face. She was pregnant, and even though her tummy held something he hadn’t seen before, there appeared to be at least six fetuses in her womb, and it was extremely unusual for something like that to occur without the assistance of IVF. It was essentially a medical miracle, and it piqued the interest of medical professionals.

There have been no sex tumbles born in general at Huntsville Hospital since 2011, let alone such special multiples. Courtney and her husband were taken aback by the news. Simply put, she wanted a fourth child not to increase their family of five to a family of eleven. What are they going to do now? They needed six of everything from car seats to baby beds to clothing sets and baby bottles and how many diapers?

Oh my, how many diapers? Then there were the medical ramifications, having to carry so many babies at once, endangers both the mother and the children. Even if it results in premature labor, it’s likely to result in a cesarean delivery or worse. However, they significantly increase the risk of complications such as strokes, blood pressure spikes, urinary tract infections, gestational diabetes and placental problems. They were scared and couldn’t get excited about the pregnancy.

The young couple was given the option of selective reduction, which meant that some of the fetuses would be removed to give the remaining ones a better chance for survival. It was a bitter pill for Courtney and Derek to swallow, and it was something they never expected to have to think about. How will they know what decision is correct? They’ve been debating it for quite some time, attempting to determine the best course of action. Being devout Christians, they ultimately decided to let faith decide and guide them through the process.

They were too afraid to make the wrong decision, so they entrusted themselves to God, trusting that everything would turn out the way he wanted it to. When they returned for a follow up ultrasound a few weeks later, they were relieved to see that all six babies were still alive and well in the womb. Although things appeared to be going well, there were still risks all through the pregnancy. Courtney and Eric, as well as the doctors, were concerned that things would deteriorate. Their goal was to keep the babies in the womb until they were 30 weeks old, at which point they would have evolved sufficiently to survive outside of it.

It was going to be an exciting time and Meanwhile, Courtney, who was still quite small, was growing and growing. She had to eat a lot to ensure that both she and the babies got enough nutrition, which was something she wasn’t used to. The couple lived in a very close knit community and when word got out that they were expecting unique six tuplets, everyone was excited. Their friends organized a five kilometer run to raise funds for the family and at the start of the race they used colorful smoke bombs dubbed the Divine Got Nine to reveal the sex of the babies. The Waldrop family quickly rose to celebrity status, which was cemented when TLC invited them to film their own reality show.

Presently that they could be enjoyed by the entire world. The show Sweet home six tuplets became a success. Courtney was told to stay in bed until her babies were born in the 25th week of her pregnancy to ensure proper development. Her baby was already huge, but she still managed to smile and carry them with love and pride most of the time. Courtney stated that because of her situation, she was very limited in her movements.

The most difficult part was not the physical discomfort, but really the fact that she could no longer give her three older children the attention they deserved. It was all just the struggle of proceeding to be a good mother to them, growing these six babies and getting them to where they needed to be, she explained. Courtney’s body began to contract and her water broke. At just under 30 weeks. It was time for the C section, and all six babies were delivered by a team of 40 medical professionals, and it was a unique team for each of them.

Eric was by Courtney’s side the entire time, holding her hand and encouraging her from the first baby to the last. Everything moved at breakneck speed. It only took four minutes. Everyone was relieved when all six, three boys and three girls emerged healthy, whole and silky smooth. They would still need to stay in the hospital for a few weeks to be monitored and allowed to develop and grow, giving them the best chance at life.

They were still being born prematurely, despite the fact that the crucial 30 week Mark had not been reached. How did they come up with six names for all the same time? Following Sailor, Wells and Bridge, Courtney and Eric carried on the outdoor theme by naming the three girls Rawlings Rain and Rivers and the three boys Tag, Lake and Blue. And now the Waldron family life had changed in an instant. They had nine children, which was a challenge because they had six newborn babies who all needed care at the same time, as well as three older children in the house.

Sailor, Wells and Bridge were already at school, so it was just Courtney and Eric and the six little ones during the day. Yet it appeared to be inconceivable. So they asked for assistance and soon had a whole team of friends and family assisting on a rotating 24 hours timetable. The Waldrops knew immediately that their home could not accommodate so much love. There wasn’t even enough room for Courtney and Eric to have their room, so they planned a major renovation and temporarily relocated to a trailer in their backyard.

They had no concept that a pandemic would break out at that point, trapping them in their small trailer for even extended periods of time. Can you imagine the fighting in a state of chaos and you thought your confinement was difficult? But they were repaired and the construction workers soon returned, allowing the renovation to be completed. The TV show continued to air and the Waldrops became increasingly well known. Have you seen any of them?

The majority of people were astounded by how the couple handled everything. Having so many children to care for in a family of nine is a monstrous task. It took a long time just to get them all in their car seats. Kourtney and Eric, on the other hand, never raised their voices or appeared to be upset. They simply accepted that it would be difficult and that they would be tired most of the time and that those diapers would be required and even though most importantly they were blessed and Courtney and Eric appeared to be the right people to handle them Courtney’s friend said she’s unlike anyone he’s ever met, Courtney is the most upbeat person you could ever meet.

She has a golden heart and is unquestionably the ideal mother. Can you imagine having so many kids today? It’s unexpected to see such a huge extended family let alone one with six historically unique six tablets’leave. Your thoughts in the comments section and hit the like button. If you want to wish the Waldrop family all the best.