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Elderly woman saw her daughter and son-in-law whom she buried 4 years ago and decided to follow them

Life is full of surprises today. I’ll tell you a story that happened in Eastern Europe a few years ago in faraway Romania. It was July of the year 2006. The summer holidays had arrived. Eleanora Marda had promised her grandchildren that if they got good grades, she’d take them to the place they’d always dreamed of going.

In fact, they had been out of the house in a long time. You see, life was not easy for the lady. Since she lives with her grandchildren, she did her best to support them and give them the best. Sometimes she even had to work in the fields to make ends meet and save it turns out that fate for her and her grandchildren was really cruel. And it’s that four years ago the woman buried her daughter and her son in law, who unfortunately had an incident while they were sleeping.

It turns out that the man and woman went to a rented cabin where they’ll celebrate another year of marriage. The place was perfect for a couple. Everything was fine. The dinner the wife made was delicious. However, apparently they had a few too many drinks and fell asleep without realizing that the fire had spread.

According to the researchers, the culprits of all this were burning candles. They both suffocated to death. Logically, it was terrible news that shocked the people. Her daughter and her husband were unable to escape and Consequently lost their lives. Since then, the grandmother was forced to take care of her grandchildren since there was no one else to take care of them.

At that time. Anna, the oldest, was six years old and Sebastian, the youngest, was only three years old. And that’s how time passed. Finally, the woman finished packing her bags and they hurried to the train station. After many hours of travel, they arrived at the place.

Now the children were very happy on the seashore. Every day they leaned against each other and basked in the sun. The two weeks of vacation passed very quickly, so in two days they would have to return to their village in the east of the country where they only had a small house. Unfortunately, there was no money left by the parents, only a car that the grandmother had to sell to pay for the damage caused in the cabin. And even then, she didn’t finish that debt.

Nor did they leave the house because the one they had was rented, despite the fact that shortly before his death, the son in law inherited a large amount of money from his father. But for some reason, the man’s bank accounts were empty. To find out what happened, Elanora had to wait for her grandchildren to come of age to investigate on their own or pay a lawyer. But the money was not enough, so she had to raise the little ones with her limited pension. As it was going to be the last day of vacation, the grandmother and her grandchildren went to visit one of the busiest beaches in the area that they had not yet visited.

As usual, the grandchildren were having fun by the water, and Eleanora looked at them lovingly. Sebastian and his sister had just finished building a sandcastle when suddenly looking to the side, the girl was dumbfounded with eyes wide open. She ran to Grandma. Grandma, Grandma, look, it’s mom and dad, she said, pointing to a young couple with her hand. Amazed.The old woman looked where she was pointing and she nearly fainted. She couldn’t believe it because she immediately recognized her daughter. But her son in law looked a little different. She was surprised she didn’t know what to do. She even cried with emotion.

So she told her grandchildren that she would come soon. In fact, she met some women who had their grandchildren and ask them to please take care of her grandchildren while she went out for a while. Children, I’m coming. Anna, take care of your brother, the woman told them. This is how she went after the couple, because she didn’t know if they only had a physical resemblance or something supernatural was happening.

She knew it was inappropriate to get any closer without being completely sure it was really them. Meanwhile, the couple arrived at a large beachside house and then disappeared inside. Without hesitation, the woman called the police. Then she went back to her grandchildren and they sat down to wait. Four years before these events, a couple was enjoying a moment together in a cabin in the woods.

It was Sylvia and Daniel, but there was someone else. It was Alex, the man’s twin brother. The boy had come out of the prison where he spent several years of his life. Alex was very rebellious. From a young age, he was associated with bad people and ended up behind bars, finally taking his mother to the grave from so many worries.

Therefore, his father, who was a businessman, left all his money to his other son. Daniel was the complete opposite of his brother. It was even hard to believe that the two of them were relatives. Unlike Alex, Daniel had absolutely no bad habits. He graduated from school and College with honors, landing a job in a town as head of several farms.

There he met his future wife, Sylvia, who worked picking vegetables. Of course, for the woman, Daniel was not the type of man she was looking for, but he was an excellent match for the future because he had great potential and would undoubtedly achieve great success in his life. In addition, at his young age, he already managed several farms. On the other hand, at Sylvia’s house, there was not a good relationship with her mother, although she tried to guide her on the right path with wise advice and education. The young woman ignored her and only madly wanted an independent life away from her mother.

She was really rebellious. Daniel looked at her, and her beauty really captivated him. She was very slim and beautiful. He was a very serious but attentive young man with her. He started talking to her.

He invited her to dinner. She accepted. He even brought her flowers every day. He wrote her poetry and gave her endless gifts to please her. He was truly a gentleman detail.

And one day she gave up. Of course, not because she fell in love with him, but because she discovered that the boy had a very large apartment in which she could finally hide from her mother’s morals. Within a few months, the young people were married. Mrs. Leonora was incredibly happy, believing that her daughter had finally come to her senses.

And she became more responsible since her son in law really liked her. He was a very educated man. Now it seemed that life would go on just as she had dreamed. Of course, Sylvia began to have a life like never before. She shopped for dresses, hung out with posh people, rented a big house, got a new car, and was very nice to her husband.

In fact, she gave him two wonderful children. She was a responsible and decent wife. Until Daniel’s brother showed up, his life was not so good in prison, and when he was looking for a job, he saw in the news that his father had died, leaving behind some business and his savings. So he decided to return home to make a profit. But he soon found out that the only heir was his brother, and he lived elsewhere.

So he went there to confront him. Opening the door, Sylvia was simply dumbfounded. In the doorway was the spitting image of her husband, only much fitter. She liked this kind of guy better than a nerd like Daniel. Without asking for permission, he entered the house and, leaning back in his chair, began to speak.

Hello, dear. You must be my brother’s wife. I think you’re a bit surprised by our resemblance. Did he never tell you about me? Well, we’re not.

We’re just twins. Of course, Alex was a real Daredevil, and the woman definitely liked that. That behavior, it fascinated her, and she didn’t realize how. But after talking for a few minutes, she found herself in the arms of that man. And even she forgot that her husband would come in at any moment.

She gave him the food that she’d prepared for her husband. However, in a moment of decency, or perhaps out of fear of being found, the woman realized that she was not doing the right thing. So she decided to kick her brother in law out of the house. After everything that had happened, Alex had changed his mind about seeing his brother. Now his interest was focused on the woman.

She was a very curvaceous young woman. She didn’t seem to have two children. He thought. One day he went to his brother’s house again. I didn’t think, Sylvia, that you could get into my head so quickly.

I saw your wonderful eyes and your lips. I realized that you’re the girl of my dreams. And yet such a treasure belongs to my foolish brother. Is it fair? Of course not.

But what are you suggesting? Divorce me from Daniel? Not crazy. I’ll be left completely without money. His father left him a lot.

He has them in the bank and wants to buy a house in the capital or more. Well, a mansion for us. I’m finally leaving this filthy town, replied the woman, pouring herself a glass of wine. Hearing her words, a nasty look appeared in Alex’s eyes. He came up with a wicked plan.

You see, he was not in love with Sylvia, but the obsession he had for her and the thirst for revenge for his brother, whom he blamed for his unfortunate life, who took away the affection of his parents and made him offer the woman terrible idea. And she accepted without even thinking about her children. One afternoon Sylvia asked her husband to go to a cabin she had rented near the Lake in the forest to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They went there, leaving the children with their grandmother. Daniel was really happy because he and his wife hadn’t been together in nature for a long time.

But if only the poor man knew that these were the last moments of his life, he wouldn’t be so happy. He didn’t know that Sylvia had crushed several sleeping pills and poured them into his glass of wine. Daniel drank and then passed out. She immediately called Alex, who arrived in a rented car, and together with the woman, they grabbed him by the arms, diving into the Lake. So they suffocated for just a moment.

The wife felt a little sorry because she was taking the life of not only her husband, with whom she had lived for a little over seven years, but also the father of her children. But the cheerful words of her lover comforted the woman, now we are free, you and me. Soon the man removed the body of a woman from the trunk of the car. She had this great physical resemblance to Sylvia. In fact, the woman was a street alcoholic who had a relationship with Alex in the capital, and he sent her money to travel to a town with the story that he missed her.

I think I did you a big favor, the subject said, and this one, having placed his brother in bed and the homeless woman next to him, doused the place with gasoline and set it on fire so that everything looks like an accident in which Daniel died together with his wife.

From then Sylvia took the identification of the victim. Then they took all the money from Daniel’s account and went to the sea, buying a big house with a swimming pool and a breathtaking view. But the truth, sooner or later, will always come out. The woman was unable to look her children in the eye when the police led her away in handcuffs along with Alex.