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Elkmont teen who killed family after finding out about adoption, tried poisoning stepmom days prior

Mason Wayne Sisk Elkmont Alabama teen who gunned down family after finding out he was not biologically adopted tried poisoning allergic mom with peanut butter days before.

An Elkmont Alabama teen charged with killing his family after finding out they were not his biological relatives, tried to poison his stepmother with peanut butter prior to the slayings, prosecutors stated in new court filings.

Mason Wayne Sisk, 16, allegedly put peanut butter in his stepmom’s coffee despite knowing she was severely allergic — after he discovered he had been adopted WHNT reported.

It is unclear if Mary Sisk, 35, drank the coffee or suffered an allergic reaction before her enraged stepson then allegedly fatally gunned her down, along with his father and three siblings in September 2019.

Prosecutors also indicated Sisk — who was 14 at the time of the slayings — had threatened his father, John Sisk, and had ‘anger control’ issues regarding his three younger half-siblings.

His siblings have been identified as 6-year-old Grayson, 5-year-old Aurora and 6-month-old Colson.

Mason Wayne Sisk Elkmont AlabamaPictured, John and Mary Sisk of Elkmont. Alabama who were fatally shot dead along with their 3 young children at the hands adopted son, Mason Wayne Sisk. Images via social media.

Teen confesses to killing adoptive family

Sisk also had been acting out in the months preceding the murders by burning live animals and breaking into his school according to relatives, WAAY reported.

Sisk is also accused of stealing two rings from his stepmom, which he later sold, relatives said.

Mary Sisk had reportedly worked as a special education teacher at Mountain Gap Elementary in Huntsville.

On the day of the alleged crimes, around 11pm on September 2, 2019, Sisk called 911 to report a shooting.

The then-14-year-old boy initially told responding deputies that he had been in the basement of his family’s home in the 2500 block of Ridge Road in Elkmont when he heard gunfire upstairs.

According to investigators, Sisk later confessed to killing his family and led officers to the murder weapon, a 9mm pistol, which was legally held at the residence.

Prosecutors said Mason Sisk, who is being tried as an adult, had stolen a handgun from his grandmother’s house prior to the murdering his adoptive family. All five victims were shot in the head, authorities said.

Mason Wayne Sisk Elkmont AlabamaPictured, Mason Wayne Sisk half siblings who he also fatally shot dead along with his adoptive Elkmont Alabama parents. Image via social media.

Model prisoner

Sisk pleaded not guilty to the killings in April 2021, WAFF reported. He’s due back before a judge on Aug. 12.

Prosecutors have yet to release a motive in the slayings, but previously released court documents indicate Sisk has shown no remorse while awaiting trial.

‘Mason does not seem bothered by the fact he’s accused of murdering his family,’ his juvenile probation officer wrote in a November 2020 report. ‘He has not shown any sign of remorse. While in detention, he has not talked about his family at all.’

Sisk’s probation officer noted that, other than getting several warnings and two disciplinary infractions, mostly for talking without permission, the teenager had been a model inmate.