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Excited Man Meets New Grandchild, Suddenly Realizes Its A Boy And Not A Girl Like They Had Told Him

Every child is a blessing and gift from God. When a child is born, the entire family is blessed. Children bring pride and joy to their parents as well as to grandparents, uncles, aunts, siblings, and so on. While they may be the most precious in the sights of their parents, they bring a whole new level of joy to grandparents, who get to indulge in the pleasure of having children again but without all the direct responsibility that comes with being a parent. It’s no wonder then that grandchildren hold such special places in the hearts of their grandparents.

One such happy grandfather is 49-year old James Patrick of Breese, Illinois. James has two sisters, four daughters and, up until recently, two granddaughters. He was content with the fact that he was the only male in the family, having been surrounded by women for most of his life. In July this year, his daughter Carie Elbe was due to deliver her baby, James’ third grandchild. Everyone in the family was excited, including grandpa James.

What James was unaware of was the fact that Carie had found out at 20 weeks of her pregnancy that she was expecting a baby boy. She shared the information with everyone else in the family other than her father and had asked all of them to keep it a secret. She wanted to give her dad a surprise he would absolutely flip over. James was very happy to welcome another granddaughter into the family, but Carie knew that after having lived with only women for so long, having a boy in the family would be something he would really love.

So, up until the baby was born, James Patrick was expecting a third granddaughter, which is what everyone in the family had led him to believe. When the baby was finally born, James got the surprise of a lifetime when Carie revealed to him that his new grandchild was in fact a boy! She even had the baby wearing a onesie that had ‘FYI: I’m a boy!’ written on it. The family filmed Grandpa James’ reaction when the surprise was revealed, and you can see him completely blown away and left almost speechless. The video, posted on a Facebook page, has gotten over a million views, with well-wishers congratulating the family on their happy occasion.

What added to the joy of the occasion even more was that it was James’ 49th birthday that day! The two males in the family even share a birthday. What are the odds of that! It was indeed a huge blessing for the entire family. The newest member of the family was named Landry James by his parents, giving him the honor of sharing his grandpa’s name.

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