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Girl buys homeless man a sandwich. 6-years later, her action made a change that no one saw coming

Girl Buys Homeless Man a Sandwich Six years later, her action made a change that no one saw coming. Welcome back to our channel where we bring you some of the most mindblowing real-life stories all the time. this storie proves that what goes around does come back around at an early age. Some kids are mature enough to be sensitive to the world’s needs. They see a problem and work to find a solution.

It’s pretty amazing how they were able to find ways how to put a smile on someone’s face. They take charge to extend help in their little way in contributing to the community. Five-year-olds aren’t usually concerned with the lives of others.

They’re caught up in their worlds of imaginary friends and childish daydreams. But one little girl from Washington State had an experience that would forever change her life.

Haley Fort, who is now eleven years old, has done more help for the homeless and needy than many of us have. Way back when she was five years old, while they were on their way to school, Haley saw a homeless guy in the street of Bremerton, Washington. From there, she asked her mother if they could buy him a sandwich. Without hesitations, her mother agreed and handed the sandwich to Edward. Edward didn’t expect it at all and felt very happy.

For Hayley, it was just a simple gesture and not a big deal after all. To her family’s surprise, Haley didn’t stop there. They never thought that she wanted to help more people by feeding them in her little way. Her parents didn’t disagree and just extended their support on what Haley planned. Little did they know that she was about to execute all her plans.

It all started by planting a vegetable garden at home and all the harvest will be donated to the needy. She grows her fruits and vegetables and hopes to grow £250 for the homeless. She also started documenting her progress on a Facebook page. Hailey’s Harvest. As her mom said, the homeless count Haley as their friend.

It’s that friendship, in part, that keeps her going. Haley was repeatedly told that she can stop at any time, but she continues because it was her passion for her. A lot has to do with setting such high goals and then the rush she gets when she meets them. Apart from Hayley’s food project, she still thinks of Edward, who became her friend. Later on, he doesn’t have a shelter and it started bothering Haley.

The enterprising little girl decided to build him a mobile shelter by herself. According to Haley, it just doesn’t seem right that there are homeless people. Everyone should have a place to live. Before starting her construction, the family had already met with the city to make sure the shelter won’t cause a problem, though its exact location had not yet been determined. Their city ordinance on the issue States that it can be placed on a Church lot.

When everything seemed to be all set up, Hayley started hammering, drilling and sawing every nail and putting every piece together in this eight X four-foot mini home that is equipped with doors, windows and insulation. So Haley works on Edward’s house every spare moment she has available.

Right after Edward’s house, Hayley wished to add up to another twelve mobile shelters and £250 of food plus 1000 toiletries, 500 feminine hygiene products and 100 coats. She’s trying to raise $1,000 on her GoFundMe page and is about three-fourths of the way there. The community has been supportive of Haley’s efforts.

The cost to build one shelter, her mom said is about $300 but the reason that price is so low is that she gets many items donated. The walls are made of pallets which are stuffed with recycled denim insulation. The structure has a shingled roof, drywall wood siding and vinyl flooring. The house will have window curtains, a solar-powered lamp and most importantly a lock on the front door. For Haley, her wish is just simple.

She doesn’t want anyone to get soaking wet with all the bad weather to come. But in general, she is changing the world in her way. With one bountiful garden, she feeds dozens. One mini home will shelter at least one person from the cold dreariness. It is immensely something to be proud of how a little girl can contribute to her community and the needy.