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He Died Days After THIS Strange Red Spot Appeared. When The Docs Figured Out Why They Freaked!

A man in Bourbon, Kansas died a terrifying death 6 months ago, which completely stunned all his doctors, who had no explanation for what had caused his rapid demise and untimely death.  It is just now, that the cause has been revealed.

There is a new virus that is being transmitted through ticks, that is just starting to hit the U.S.A. Because the disease is viral, there is not an antibiotic that can treat it (as is the case with all viruses such as lyme disease), and as such is posing a scary threat to the health and well being of people in this location.

According to the infectious disease experts studying this, nothing like this has ever been seen in the Western hemisphere.  Its genome is similar to diseases seen in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia!

Because the man who died lived in Bourbon County, Kansas they have named this rare illness the Bourbon virus which the infectious disease authorities believe is being carried by ticks. There is still tons of research that urgently needs to be done before researchers can even begin get a handle on how this strange virus appeared and why it just recently showed up for the very first time in the west!

It is being studied intensively to determine what in the genome caused the anorexia, severe muscle pain and an unreasonably high fever that was totally untreatable and ultimately led to this man’s death. Let us know your thoughts after watching the video below!

Have you heard about the Bourbon Virus?

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