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Her husband abandons her because she gave birth to 9 twins see how they became after 20 years

Octo mom. Nadia Suleiman is the best celebrity mom. Indeed, the California single mother had eight. Babies in 2009, so she was busy. Nadia turned her life into a Carnival by putting her 14 kids on display. Yes, Nadia had six children before Octuplets. How she managed so many kids is a mystery. For those still wondering how her kids are doing, here’s an update. In 2009, Nadia Suleiman gave birth to tuplets.

Nadia was accustomed to pregnancy and birth. After having six children, the single mom. Had six IVF babies before the new eight. She has 14 children. Most of us can barely handle one baby. Nadia and her husband wanted a large family. They had some early problems. Suleiman and their husband Marcos Gutierrez discussed having children. They felt ready to become parents and tried. They were astonished Nadia wasn’t pregnant. Given their efforts, they got a checkup to see what was preventing conception.

Suleiman and Gucciira visited a fertility specialist too. Determine why she wasn’t pregnant. A couple assumed she was at fault. Doctors discovered that Gucciira couldn’t conceive. After testing them both, he tested infertile Suleiman’s inspiration gave the devastated pair direction.

Suleiman wanted a baby and figured Gucci did too. She assumed he’d agreed to IVF when. She mentioned it, but he didn’t. He didn’t want his wife to produce. A child with another man’s DNA. Suleiman faced a tougher choice then. Suleiman loved her husband, but she wanted to be a parent much more. She didn’t allow anything or anyone to stand in her way. After much thought, she decided to divorce her spouse.

It was devastating for them both, but she knew it was right. He was free to find his destiny as she pursued IVF to become a mother. If treatments don’t guarantee a success rate, physicians told Suleiman to implant multiple fertilized eggs to try if one would stick. This was dangerous and she could have multiple embryos.

Suleiman wanted a large family, so this. Wasn’t a problem for her? Suleiman has a son in 2001. She had a daughter in 2002. Not yet Suleiman. She resumed IVF treatments, resulting in three. Pregnancies, including fraternal twins. She had six kids. This remarkable woman was just getting started. The more infants a mother carries, the higher the risk of difficulties, including miscarriage or sibling absorption.

Suleiman was able to give birth. Several children without permanent injury. Most women would stop when ahead. Nadia wants more children. Suleiman eventually tried IVF again and was. Implanted with fertilized eggs. She became pregnant again after a few weeks. She wasn’t pregnant with twins this time but ate. This made her happy, but her physicians weren’t thrilled. They were worried and rightly so.

Carrying eight embryos to term was perilous for the babies and Suleiman. She delivered all eight infants without serious difficulties. They even survived the first week. Life when Octuplets have a high fatality risk. Suleiman recognized that life would never be. The same after they returned home healthy Suleiman’s octuplets stunned doctors and the media began requesting interviews. Once she was discharged from the hospital, she hired a PR team to tell her family’s tale. Taxpayers weren’t happy about Suleiman and her 14 kids. Joan Killing Suleiman’s PR rep received abusive.

Emails threatening to remove the October’s uterus killing, and her crew didn’t know where. The hatred came from. Then. Taxpayers weren’t happy that the mom of. 14 received state disability benefits. They thought they were funding her growing family. Suleiman gave up. She was wary of being disrespected. Wanting to have kids. She gave TV and magazine interviews too.

Explain that she wasn’t sucking anyone’s money and wasn’t trying to become famous for having 14 kids by herself. When she went on welfare, the public suspicion looked warranted. Suleiman owed a million dollars in medical expenses and childcare costs, so she filed for bankruptcy. Rumours spread that she was hurting her children. Child Protective Services inspected her home and family but found nothing wrong.

Suleiman’s landlord didn’t like her and evicted her. Suleiman’s suspicious financial practices got her penalized. And sentenced to two years probation and 200 hours of community service. Despite this, she used media attention. To self-promote and generate additional money for her kids by doing interviews. Her personal life was different.

Suleiman was able to be full. Time mom and College student by moving. Away from the spotlight. She graduated despite having 14 kids. This allowed her to help others. As a part-time family therapist, she’s. Not ashamed of anything she’s done and is okay telling her kids. Suleiman is mindful that her kids will. Learn about the things she’s done to make ends meet. Given her story’s popularity, she’s not ashamed.

To clarify her challenges. Though she’s honest with her kids about it. Her past good and bad, Suleiman worked. Hard to raise her 14 children. She doesn’t enjoy being talked about or called a bad mother, so that’s not surprising. She reminds everyone who throws shade at her that she’s raised her kids without nannies or babysitters.

She may have needed support, but she handled the issue well. Suleiman sought to find love again in 2012 with Frankie G, but the relationship ended that year. Since then, October has realized that having 14 kids demands more attention than she expected. So romance is out, for now, Suleiman. Says she wouldn’t reject a worthy man. Suleiman needed a break after years of unwanted media attention. She’s been low-key since then.

Did the attention make her money? Absolutely. In 2013, Suleiman left the spotlight for good. She told People in 2016 that she. The eldest daughter, Amira, has started to copy. Her less attractive traits. She decided she’d rather be homeless if. Necessary, then let her daughter or other. Youngsters become as destructive as she was. Suleiman posts about her life and 14 children on Instagram. She has 197,000 followers and shares family updates.

Suleiman shared one of her struggles, dropping. Off and picking up her children. The single mom had to drop off. And pick up all 14 kids at six different schools. Their home is wonderful. Thankfully, Suleiman bought a three-bedroom townhouse in California. Despite her financial Woese. With 14 kids, three bedrooms can feel.

Crowded with patience, love and support they’ve managed. Everyone must contribute in whether they’re taking out the garbage, washing dishes or doing laundry. Suleiman believes excellent values and discipline are the keys to raising decent kids. Multiple pregnancies damaged her body, but she didn’t understand it until later. She suffers bilateral Sky Attica from four ruptured lumbar discs.

Her pregnancy-related peripheral neuropathy prevents her from feeling her right foot and toes. This keeps her in bed when she’s in pain, she writes. In bed. Suleiman has spent over a decade writing. About raising kids in the spotlight. In one passage, she describes waking up to hundreds of reporters and news helicopters. After the delivery of my Octopuses.

Despite being private, she shares her favourite workouts and raw vegan dishes on social media. On June 15, 2020, she updated her fans on how her kids appear to dispel claims she’s an absent mother. Octuplet Malia Angel Suleiman She’s twelve in 2021, Suleiman captured this 2020 snapshot. My tiny baby is growing up too fast. Melia is a healthy, gorgeous child.

The small child has thousands of Instagram followers despite having her account. Jonas Suleiman, twelve, shared a womb with his sister Melia, and he loves nutritious cuisine. Like his mum, he’s surrounded by fruits. And veggies on the kitchen counter and.

Holding a large chef leaf. Jonah shares the soon-to-be-destroyed forest before supper. Healthy family green chard half the size of Jonah Naraya Suleiman shares Melia’s middle name, angel. Their mom gave them that middle name since they were a blessing. Suleiman called Naraya, the family Cook.

In a 2021 photo, she shared videos and photographs of her daughter preparing amazing homemade vegan fettuccini. Someone could be a chef. Noah Suleiman and his brothers were born around the same time, yet they have different personalities and skills. Noah loves music. Suleiman posed with his violin at the performance of his first string. Eli Suleiman had one arm around Amira’s. Shoulder as their mother snapped this holiday photo.

Her sister wears a lovely beanie hat. Cute. His glance suggests he’s the naughtiest Suleiman. His mom doesn’t care if he’s good or bad. She’ll always love him. We all appreciate Privacy. Thus this is social media advancement. Amera Suleiman poses in a black dress. And blue graduation gown after graduating high school in 2020. She posed for the shot. Suleiman’s kid wants to be a doctor. Making her mother proud I’m very proud of you, Mama Amara wrote. I admire your courage and perseverance, and.

I know you’ll become a doctor. This is the start of your lovely existence. God, thanks for protecting my heart from the start. Their mother adores Aiden and Makaya Suleiman. Her children are her joy. She admires her fraternal closeness and wanted to share it with her readers. So she shared a photo of Aiden. Sitting with his legs crossed and Makai sitting next to him. Makai follows Aiden everywhere, Suleiman said. They’re inseparable.

Josiah is in the red flannel shirt. In the middle, Jeremiah is in the black shirt on the right. Suleiman took this Christmas choir photo. Makai, Naraya, Melia, Josiah, Jonah and Jeremiah. You were very delightful to see. The choir, Suleiman wrote. Suleiman was proud and happy as her children smiled at her. Isaiah, Suleiman, far left, was astonished too. Win his age group five K. He had to share the spotlight with his siblings again. Josiah and Noah are his brothers.

Malaya is far right. They should be thrilled because they each got a pumpkin pie. Suleiman posted another photo of Amera with a doggy effect. These two seem so similar. They could be sisters if not for their age gap. Amera, an adolescent, posted a photo with her mum and she knows her posts are heartfelt. Suleiman knew she’d have problems when her children entered their teenage years. Suleiman asked one of her kids too. Take a shot while she sat at Calista and Caleb. So this is what happens when I. Asked my teens son to photograph me.