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His wife gave birth to black baby and he burst into tears when he discovered that…

His wife gave birth to a black baby, and he burst into tears when he discovered that the secret to the success of the marital relationship lies in creating a relationship with a sense of security and trust. As relationships that lack trust are difficult to reach, prosperity and marital happiness and the lack of trust will inevitably lead to the marital relationship deteriorating, despite the many attempts by both spouses to avoid what negatively affects their marital relationship.

But getting to problems is often inevitable and these problems may occur for many different reasons, including misunderstandings between married couples or a lack of trust between them. There are several tips for there to be trust between married couples, including a person who is suspicious or lying permanently about his mistakes to the other person. This gradually restores the relationship.

In addition to avoiding mistakes that affect trust, they should be Frank with each other. The offended person must be patient enough to bear the consequences of these mistakes, taking into account the other person and giving space and Privacy from each spouse to the other without interfering with it. And this is evidence of the mutual trust between the two parties.

Marriage must be respected as it’s a full responsibility, taking into account who we marry and avoiding everything that affects the continuation of trust and avoiding concealing secrets, even if they’re not important because telling the partner about your secret means that there is mutual trust between you. This sufficient trust between married couples is not much in our time and therefore the divorce rate has increased around the world.

Perhaps one of these relationships is the marital relationship, which would have been spoiled by mistrust between Masha and her husband Max. Masha is a very beautiful girl who lives in the village and works as a teacher. Her father died and when he died she decided that she had to work to get the money and spend on her mother and sisters. Masha is an innocent, respectful and very polite girl and all the kids love her. She’s not married yet because she’s responsible for the expenses of her mother and sisters.

On the other hand, there is a rich man who works in a luxury company in the capital, Moscow, and wants to visit his family in the village. He travelled to the village and went to the school for Masha’s work to take his little sister from there. This man is very handsome and wears expensive clothes. His name is Max. Max enters his sister’s classroom and she stitches Masha for the first time.
He liked her very much, telling her, hey, I’m SIA’s brother. How is she with you? Masher replied, SIA is a very polite girl and she gets the highest grades. She replied I noticed that she has excelled in her studies and she has also changed for the better because of you. She smiled shyly and said to him, thank you.

Max is very impressed with the way Masha speaks. He wants to talk to her constantly, but he doesn’t know how. He thought well and said to her, I want your phone number to always ask about my sister’s school situation. You are her good teacher. I’m so glad I saw you.

She said, of course, I’ll give it to you. After that, she gave him her phone number and the relationship between them began. He’s embarrassed to talk to her at first, but he finds that there is no time because he has to travel within a month. So he called her and they talked together. He explained his condition to her, saying to her, I work in a very prestigious company in Moscow.

I only come to my village once a month to visit my family and relatives. I’m still single and live alone in Moscow. The truth is that I feel very nervous and hesitant, but in a month I’ll be back in Moscow for my work. So I want to tell you something very important and sensitive. I loved you since I first saw you.

We also say that love, at first sight, makes us in a very emotional state. He was silent and then continued saying to her, I want to marry you and you will travel with me and live in Moscow. She replied, I’m very happy that you revealed your innocent feelings to me, but I cannot marry at the time because I’m responsible for the expenses of my sisters and my mother. She replied, don’t say that. Of course, I will help you think carefully about it.

I’m waiting for you, but don’t be late because I’m in a hurry and I’m leaving very soon. Masha is very hesitant and doesn’t know what to do. She talked to her mother about it and her mother convinced her to marry him because he was rich and a respected man. Max showed all his good qualities to Masha. He showed her his good version.

Normally, all people like to show a good impression at first, but in the end, we must know that no one in this world has all the good qualities. Max showed all his good qualities to Masha. He showed her his good face. Normally, all people like to make a good impression at first, but in the end, we must know that no one in this world has all the good qualities. We are human, so naturally, we will make mistakes, learn, and so on.

We must accept that there are bad qualities in people because we also have them. But some things should not fall under this, such as suspicion and betrayal. This is what we will find out shortly. In the end, Masha and Max got married and they travel to live in Moscow. Max is always worried about Masha because most of the time he leaves her in the apartment alone while he’s at work.

He’s suspicious of everyone around him. Max has had a complex since his childhood and it affected his life completely therefore he has been without marriage for many years. Max, when he was young, saw his father hitting his mother hard because she had betrayed him with one of their neighbours. He hates all women. He never wants to marry because he doubts everyone around him.

But the time he saw Masha, he felt that there was something different inside of him and that she was an innocent girl. Although he knows very well that she’s innocent, he doubts her. Several months passed. Masha gave birth to a child and this will completely change their lives. The arrival of the baby should be the happiest moment of a couple’s life.

But Max walked out on Mashing moments after she gave birth and accused her of having an affair when their child had darker skin than they expected. He was surprised that his child had dark skin because he was not, he said in anger. He betrayed me. This is not my child. You are a traitorous woman.

Of course, you did this when I was at work, or maybe you did it to get money and give it to your mother. Masha and Max are on both occasions, the husband took to social media, telling everyone on both sides of the family what had happened and even saying he wanted a divorce. Masha was distraught while Max refused to speak to her or even ask about the child. But then the plot came to us. She said to everyone, The Paternity test will show you all that I’m innocent and I’m out of your sense.

Indeed, since you accused me of eventually, Max agreed to a paternity test and it revealed that he was indeed the father of the baby. An ancestry test also revealed there was a 30% African ancestry in the husband’s family. Upon learning the news, the woman’s husband tried to make men say to her, I’m sorry, forgive me, I’m mistaken. I have had a psychological complex since my childhood. I am a mentally disturbed person.

I’m wrong and I want to atone for my sin. But she’s not sure she can forgive so easily. As she said, I can’t unhear or unsee all the horrible things that were said and done, not just to me, but to my child as well. He made some very racist remarks, things that I never thought you would say and you did it so easily. You asked me if I still loved you and I admitted that you showed me or yourself and I don’t know if I could live with that image.

My sister suggested couples therapy, but I don’t feel like I should have to work to fix something I didn’t break. I’ve never cheated and have been 100% innocent in all of this the whole time. Social media users were very much on the women’s side, explaining that her husband had handled things terribly and one user wrote when people show you their true colours, believe that if he loved you or was a good person he would have just asked for a paternity test from the beginning. Instead, he destroyed your things. I would have filed for divorce the minute the paternity test results were in.

Another said she’s in a very bad psychological state and all people sympathize with her. She didn’t forgive her husband because he insulted her and seriously wounded her dignity. In front of all people he accused her without any evidence he accused her of adultery. This is even though she’s an innocent and very polite girl. She refused vehemently to forgive him because he had assaulted her severely.

She lived with her child in a small house and she provides him with everything he needs. Max regretted what he had done and tried in every way to make her forgive him but she was obstinate and did not forgive him and that is, of course, a right two years passed and the situation changed. She allowed him to see his son thinking that she would return to him and forgive him saying that those two years that passed while she and her child were far from him were a severe punishment for him.