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In an interview, Queen Consort Camilla praises Queen Elizabeth

In a recent interview, Camilla, the Queen Consort, paid respect to the late monarch, remarking that it must have been “tough” for her to rule as a “lonely woman” in the public eye.

She was the only female president or prime minister, so Camilla Parker Bowles, the current queen consort, told the BBC in an interview that aired on Sunday during a nationwide minute of silence in honor of the monarch.

“She was always a part of our life. I’m 75 now, and the only person I can recall being there is the Queen,” Camilla added.

She spoke to the Queen’s “wonderful blue eyes,” saying that they “light up her whole face” when she smiles.

The recorded eulogy aired moments before citizens in the UK observed a 60-second silence at 8 o’clock local time in memory of Britain’s 96-year-old queen, who passed away on September 8.

People across the UK took a 60-second break at 8 o’clock to remember the late Queen, according to Queen Consort Camilla, who claimed that it must have been “tough” for Queen Elizabeth II to rule as a “lonely lady” in public.Getty Images

Pictures captured the moment of quiet that was observed at Piccadilly Circus, Westminster Bridge, Glasgow Arena, and by workers and commuters who stopped at a clock at Waterloo Station.

Big Ben was scheduled to chime to signal the beginning of the minute of reflection and again to signal its conclusionThe kilometer-long queue to see the Queen’s coffin, meanwhile, was closed to new arrivals later on Sunday before the coffin was taken to Westminster Abbey for her state funeral on Monday.

The Queen has “wonderful blue eyes,” Camilla said. Popperfoto via Getty Images People gather on the Shankill Road on Sunday to watch the National Moment of Reflection.Getty Images The kilometer-long line outside the Queen’s coffin was closed to new arrivals later on Sunday

Camilla, who married today’s King Charles III in 2005. married, was last known as the Duchess of Edinburgh. It was originally thought that she would take on the title of Princess Consort upon Charles’ accession to the throne, but his mother said earlier in his year that it was her “sincere desire” that Camilla be known as the Queen Consort.