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King cajun crawfish Orlando anti Asian racist tirade leads to customer trashed on Yelp

Elizabeth Knighton Bodi Beauty Bar owner King cajun crawfish Orlando anti Asian racist tirade leads to her becoming the most hated on the internet. Video captured by Kristen Nguyen.

It wasn’t too much long after that the social media mob went to work and dished out its version of justice …

A Florida customer has caused disconcert after she was filmed going on a racist tirade during a recent visit to an Orlando seafood restaurant.

The ‘disturbing’ episode unfolded at King Cajun Crawfish in Orlando Monday, with workers at the restaurant claiming the woman in the clip hurling abusive anti Asian racist vile.

In the video, the customer — since outed as Elizabeth Knighton, owner of the Bodi Beauty Bar in Orlando — is heard repeatedly calling the owner a ‘Chinese b—h’ along with telling her to ‘go back to her country’ (when nothing else fails…) while complaining about her food, the eatery said, according to a video of the incident (see below).

‘She ordered snow crabs and fried shrimp. At the end of the meal to pay, she said the shrimp was spoiled (it wasn’t) and she ate 3. We said sorry we cannot refund it and she started saying racist remarks,’ King Cajun Crawfish wrote on its Instagram page.

You’re a Chinese b–h, now what?’

‘We’re gonna make sure you go on Google,’ the irate customer said while filming Kristen Nguyen behind the counter, according to cell phone and security video. You know where this one is going don’t you kids…

‘You’re a Chinese b—h, not me,’ continued an irate Liz Knighton (who ironically appears to be bi-racial) clad in jeans and a black t-shirt.

‘Okay, I got you on camera calling me that,’ Nguyen replied, as she recorded cell phone footage of her own.

‘You’re a Chinese b—h,’ the customer once again said.

‘Okay, thank you,’ the worker replied.

‘You’re a Chinese b—h, you want me to spell it for you? You’re a Chinese b—h.’

As the exchange continued, the angry customer welcomed the idea of involving authorities. ‘Who gives a f–k, b—h? Call the police! What they gonna do? I’ll say it front of them. You’re a Chinese b–h, now what?’ the increasingly woman bellowed.

Play stupid games, always win stupid prizes …

Knighton, who seems to be enjoying herself in the video (probably not anymore…)  continues to taunt the worker with a series of insulting approximations of the Chinese language before getting the food she complained about boxed up in a take-out container.

‘Take your a– back to your country. Ching chong,’ she said as she left the establishment.

The woman’s hate of Chinese people was actually misdirected towards Nguyen, who was born in the US and is of Vietnamese heritage, according to Orlando Weekly.

Orange County Sheriffs have since begun investigating the episode according to a release.

Posted the agency on Twitter: ‘May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. At OCSO, we are committed to protecting all members of our community. If you need help, don’t hesitate to call 911 or our non-emergency line, 407-836-HELP (4357). #StopAAPIHate #AAPIHeritageMonth’

The missive comes amid a nationwide influx of hate crimes against people of Asian descent during the coronavirus pandemic.

The restaurant identified the woman from her receipt as the proprietor of a local skincare business whose Yelp page has now being reported after being inundated with bad reviews from Web users upset with the racist tantrum.

The restaurant owner, however, said that a different business called Beauty Bar Orlando was being incorrectly targeted by online advocates and stressed that establishment was not connected to the racist rant.

King Cajun Crawfish bills itself as ‘Orlando’s best + favorite seafood restaurant.’ It was founded by Nguyen after she relocated to Florida from Bogalusa, Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina, according to its website.