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Man Buries Himself Alive To Raise Awareness For A Cause Close To His Heart

For anyone in their right mind, the thought of being buried alive is probably one of the most horrifying scenarios possible. Imagine being trapped inside of a box that you can’t escape as you’re lowered six feet into the ground – truly, it’s not a fate that we’d wish on anyone.

However, one man in Belfast, Northern Ireland actually got to experience being buried alive for three full days…because he asked for it! This wasn’t a nightmare scenario like you might be thinking, though – he was actually doing it in support of a great cause…

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Recently, John Edwards of Northern Ireland made the baffling decision to have his friends bury him alive for three entire days! Naturally, everybody’s biggest question for John was…well…why? It all goes back to Walking Free, an organization dedicated to helping people who are struggling with addiction that may feel suicidal. John himself had struggled with addiction in the past, but he was now sitting on an amazing 25 years clean and sober.

One day, John decided that he wanted to help others who might be going through a similar experience to what he did, so he started the charity Walking Free. With that in mind, he then came up with the wild idea of being buried alive in order to raise awareness for the cause.

Incredibly, not only was John going to be buried alive for three full days, but he was also going to livestream the whole thing online! People were actually going to get the chance to see what it was like to be “six feet under” if they dared take a look.

So why being buried alive? “My plan is to speak to them from the grave before they get there, and to show them hope,” he told Belfast Live.

John was also hoping to receive phone calls from people around the globe who were struggling with addiction and suicidal thoughts. He believed that his unique first-hand experience might be able to help get them through a rough patch in their lives.

He also hoped that some of the people calling in would allow him to share their stories with others, which in turn, would help even more people who were feeling isolated and hopeless.

What a creative (and slightly frightening) way to bring awareness to a cause that is often overlooked these days. Since his time underground, John’s message has continued to spread, and his dedication to the cause has continued to increase. All in all, being buried alive was quite the success!