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Man Divorces His Wife After Seeing Her With Another Man On Google Maps

Remember, there are cameras everywhere!

A husband who was looking for directions on Google Maps saw his wife snuggled up with another man.

The unidentified husband was trying to find the best way to a bridge in Lima, Peru. That’s when he saw two people sitting on a bench. The photo was taken by a Google camera car in 2013.

It showed a woman in a white top, jeans and heels, sat on a bench stroking the hair of a man who was lying down with his head in her lap, according to the Daily Mail.

The husband noticed the woman wearing an outfit he had seen before. He realized that it was his wife with another guy’s head in her lap.

The scorned husband confronted his wife about the picture and she admitted that she was cheating on him. They wound up getting divorced.

The man shared the photographs on social media, where his followers commented that “it’s a small world” and berated the woman for not being honest with him before she was caught.

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