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Man Puts His Phone In The Coffin During His Best Friend’s Funeral, The Next Day He Got A Call

Sasha and Basha have known each other since elementary school and when they completed their diplomas and enrolled at the same university, so their friendship was quite strong. They did not look for work after graduation. Instead deciding to start a business together, an auto repair shop.

They grew the business and eventually opened many car service locations, though with friends, there were no secrets, only deep trust and mutual understanding. Unfortunately, life has a habit of surprising us at the most inopportune times.

Alexander married, a lovely lady, irina and paevil were still unable to start a family alexander’s. First love was arena, while sasha was in love with her at first sight, but she was in no hurry to respond with mutual love. The three of them were their friends, but the beauty’s heart was warmed by her relentless boyfriend’s, romance irina and alexander began dating soon after and era later married sasha. Despite their best efforts, the couple has not been able to conceive a child.

Returning to the tale now, pable simply joked that the one who would become his soulmate had not yet been born, while alexander regularly joked about his friend and his single existence. On the other hand, irina was directly involved in the business of the friends. Despite his superb looks and constant attention from girls, she was in charge of the finances one day, hooligans attacked, sasha and severely beaten her. The individual was discovered bleeding and taken to the intensive care unit.

A short time later. The criminals went unpunished because they were not identified. However, the stand thing was that, despite having an expensive phone watch and money in his wallet, nothing had been taken from him. Only pasha had such suspicions and was perplexed because sacha was an athlete, so it was not that easy to take down.

His situation was becoming increasingly critical with time and Basha was successful in convincing the doctor to allow him to see his pal, so he paid daily visits to alexander era also came, although just for a brief time with her husband on a regular basis, era exchanged flirtatious Glances with her driver and Basha had previously hinted at this, but he had just chuckled at his surprise because he had entire faith in his wife era.

Exited the vehicle this time holding the driver’s hand as he opened the door for her, the pair parted their hands. When they noticed, pable Basha had no desire to engage with the hypocritical arena, particularly now that she was behaving suspiciously after all, alexander had always been in charge of their company resolving the most pressing difficulties. Furthermore, odd things were happening all around them.

The arena became increasingly involved in all aspects of her husband’s replacement dennis the driver who had nothing to do with the company was assisting her irina, violently silenced pable when he expressed his discontent. Saying it was none of his business pavel was absolutely stunned by his friend’s wife’s insolence and with each passing day he had no doubts that they were lovers anymore.

One day he decided to follow their car and just when the couple exited the vehicle they began passionately, kissing pable’s worries were confirmed and he went back to the city, but on the way he called arena and told her she needed to get to the office right Now she said she was busy and wouldn’t be back for another two hours.

This was what pasha required he needed to make up for lost time because he went to her office and locked himself in. Sadly, he could not find anything that evening irina called pable later to inform him that alexander had died in intensive care, Basha drank through the night unable to cope with his anguish. He went to arena in the morning to finalize the funeral arrangements, but she’d already made up her mind. The farewell ceremony took place when all of the preparations were done.

Arrow walked, leaning on her lover’s arm and glanced at Basha. Every now and again the man inside was completely enraged. He was almost confident the pair was implicated in the killing of his friend. Everything went just as planned for them, and sasha made a vow to avenge his friend. He had something in mind and was about to carry out his devious scheme as a result before the coffin lid was closed, the guy demonstrated by placing his phone there.

He then dialled a friend’s number from his cell phone. Let this thing stay with Sasha forever. Pasha said, and let all of his contacts leave with him Pavel muttered softly as he said, goodbye to his friend, that he would avenge him he’d apologized for not keeping him safe, but he put the phone in the casket with a different sim card. He kept Alexander’S sim card. He contacted Irina from this number the next day, while she was with her boyfriend.

She answered the phone and was greeted the way by her late spouse. The person on the other end of the line chastised her for rarely visiting him in the hospital and advised arena to tell the truth about how she and her lover had brought him.

There Irina believed in supernatural forces and became concerned when she realized her husband’s buddy was correct, Dennis, had planned and convinced the woman to perform the crime which she and her partner had meticulously arranged Irina received another call from the other side, the next day, Sasha’s voice On the other end of the line claimed, he would dig the neglectful wife out of the dirt unless she went to the police and told everyone the truth he promised he’d do anything he could to drive her insane.

She told prevail through Saabs that she was truly guilty of everything and that she was now ready to confess and report to the authorities Pavel returned to the cemetery a week later to visit his pal. She had aged dramatically in just two days and was on the edge of going insane.

He placed one shot glass on the grave and held the other for an extended period. He presented him with two shot glasses, as well as a bottle of vodka, and he then gulped down the whiskey and walked away. He completed his mission and punished everyone who deserved to be punished.