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Meet Ekaterina Lisina, The Woman With The Longest Legs In The World

Ekaterina Lisina has the longest legs among women in the world, is the world’s tallest model, and as far as anyone can tell, has the biggest female feet in Russia.
Ekaterina Lisina holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest legs among women. According to the institute, her left leg measures 52.3 inches while the right one is an even 52 inches long.

The model stands 6’9″ tall, and realized rather early that her height would be one of her biggest assets. With a successful career in basketball where height is of the essence, the young Russian’s foresight allowed her to find favor in both sports and modeling industries early on.

Ekaterina Lisina owes it all to her family’s genetics, as not a single member clocks in under six feet. In addition to her 6’6″ brother, 6’5″ father, and 6’1″ mother, Lisina’s son is already much taller than his peers — and he hasn’t even reached puberty.

According to Inquisitr, however, glaringly towering above most everyone else wasn’t always a plus. It’s not exactly the most welcoming trait for shy, insecure teenage boys — though it has given her ample opportunities outside of school, which she successfully harnessed into a lucrative identity.

Ekaterina Lisina’s Early Life

Born in Penza, Russia on October 15, 1987, Yekaterina Viktorovna Lisina holds yet another Guinness World Record directly attributed to her long-legged genetics. According to Metro, her 6’9″ height officially makes her the world’s tallest model. As far as anyone can tell, she also has the biggest female feet in all of Russia — at size 13.

Her father, Viktor Lisina, recalled noticing his daughter’s glaringly long legs as soon as she was born.

“When we were picking up Ekaterina from the hospital, we noticed straight away that her legs were really long and her body mainly consisted of them,” he said. “[She] got them from her parents.”

The 31-year-old record-holder has since developed an entire ethos around her body, in relation to what it has allowed her to accomplish. Doors have opened — and she isn’t shy about using those legs to walk through them.

“God blessed me with a fabulous height so that I can reach the stars,” she said.

The Olympic Athlete

“When I was 16 I was already 6 foot 6,” Lisina said. “I played basketball professionally since I was 15.”

For her brother Sergei, what Lisina accomplished before turning 30 years old — playing professional basketball, representing her country at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, using her height to start a modeling career — has been nothing short of inspiring.

“Am I proud of her?” Sergei asked rhetorically. “Of course, I am. She realized quite quickly that [her height] gave her a huge advantage in a sport, which she started doing professionally almost straight away.”