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Mom Records Baby’s 1st Bubble Bath, Doesn’t Anticipate Capturing Footage She’ll Never Forget

A lot of young kids, babies and toddlers included, love bath time. They get to be submerged in bubbles and splash around in the water, and usually, they get to spend time with their Mom or Dad, too. It’s bonding time, and it’s fun – what could be better?

This little one is enjoying something like that right now. The baby is in the bathtub, half of their body submerged in soapy water, and bubbles are piled up in mountains all around them. So all in all, it seems like a pretty good time already. But then Daddy does something that makes it even more fun and has this young one giggling!

Image Credit: YouTube

Dad scoops up some bubbles in his hands, lifts them in front of his mouth, and pretends to sneeze, and the air from his mouth blows the bubbles into the bath and even all over the baby! For some reason, the baby thinks this is absolutely hilarious and won’t stop laughing about it. The chuckles and giggles from them are echoed by Daddy, who can’t help laughing along!

Image Credit: YouTube

This adorable moment between a father and child is a precious display of the bond between them, and it’s enough to make anyone’s heart melt. And it has, as it’s gone viral all over the Internet! See for yourself here!

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