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​Mom Steals Food To Survive, When Cop Sees 3 Starving Children, He Knows He Can’t Arrest Her

“Desperate times call for desperate measures.” This is an idiom that is commonly used in movies, books, and punchlines, but sometimes there are situations where it is a phrase lived out. In those situations, the extent we go to survive may take us to places we’d never thought we would be.

For one North Carolina mom of three adopted children, life’s circumstances forced her to do something unethical but she didn’t feel she had any other choice.

After suffering a severe brain injury, she couldn’t work, so as a result of that, her children were not able to eat. Desperate and out of options, she went to her local North Carolina Food Lion and stole $36 worth of groceries.

Senior Corporal Keith Bradshaw and Officer 1st Class Candace Spragins received a call from one of the employees of the grocery store and together they made a trip to the woman’s home. They weren’t sure what they would find, but they definitely did not expect their visit to go the way it did.

When they arrived at the offender’s home, she willingly handed over the food she had stolen, crying and apologizing. She then proceeded to tell them her heart-rending story. She said her kids hadn’t eaten in three days.

At the end of her explanation, the officers walked over to her kitchen and found an empty freezer and only a pack of cheese inside the refrigerator. They were heartbroken for this woman who had obviously been through so much and was struggling.

Legally, they had to charge the mom with theft; however, they made sure to bless her as well. The officers went back to the Food Lion and bought a cart full of groceries for the family totaling nearly $150!

It is heartbreaking that this woman felt she had to go to such lengths to care for the needs of her family. Nevertheless, it is very touching to see how compassionate these officers were. May we all strive to extend this level of grace and kindness to those in need in our own lives.

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