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‘My ex wants to cut child support to pay for his new kid’

After Marie and her ex-husband Chuck divorced, they agreed a child support and spousal payment arrangement.

But Chuck is getting remarried (for the fourth time), and his new wife wants to have children.

“He makes good money and I have alimony and child support. So does wife number two,” Marie posted on Reddit. “His two oldest kids are adults and on their own.

“He contacted me to see if we could rework child support since he will be having another kid. I laughed at him and said to contact my lawyer.”

Marie explained that according to local legislation, she could accept a reduced amount for child support, but out of principle she won’t do it.

“According to him and his new wife, I am an a**hole, and so is his ex, for taking so much of his money that he will have to either keep working or sell his company when he wants to retire so he can afford his new family.”

Reddit supports ex-wife and child support arrangements
Marie had no sympathy for Chuck.

“I don’t really give a s**t. Seriously, f**k that guy. My kids aren’t going to be deprived so he can have the good life with family 4.0.”

Marie posted to Reddit to see what the community thought about her decision. Commenters were 100 percent behind her, and believed that Chuck was making poor decisions having so many children.

“Dude has no business making babies if he can’t afford the kids he already has. The courts aren’t going to lower your support to accommodate new kids,” one person said.

“He needs to stop having kids. And wives,” said another.

“I have absolutely no sympathy for that man. He should not keep having children if he can’t afford to do so. Child support is for the children, you should absolutely not even entertain any further attempts to take money from your children,” a third person said.

They also pointed out the age difference between Chuck (52) and his new wife.

“Don’t even get me started on the creepy vibes I’m getting from this man. Can’t help but wonder how old you were when the two of you first got together,” they said.

“The fourth wife is 27, meanwhile the first child is 26. It’s like f**king your child’s friend,” another person added.

Some people suggested she warn Chuck’s new wife before she had a baby with him.

“I think you need to take [wife] number four for drinks and explain that a man who has failed three families will undoubtedly fail the fourth,” one person said.