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My Parents Don’t Want Me To Enjoy My Pregnancy Because My Sister Has Had 9 Miscarriages

Sometimes, even though siblings grow up together in the same house, they can be completely different, making things tough. The situation can become even more complicated when the parents seem to like one of the kids more than the other, and favoritism begins to rear its ugly head. This tends to cause animosity among the siblings that can grow over time and even spill over into adulthood.

A woman on Reddit is experiencing this situation with her sister. The two were never close, but an infertility struggle with one of the sisters has caused the situation to get particularly ugly. The original poster got pregnant with her first child, and it feels like her sister and their parents have turned on her.

It all came to a head over the holidays with a huge screaming match and OP’s sister and parents getting kicked out. Now they are making her feel like a jerk, and she wants to know if she is wrong to cut them out of her life and asked Reddit’s AITA forum for advice.

The sisters were made to hate each other.

OP, 27, and her sister, 29, are not at all alike, and their parents made that very clear. Her sister was ill as a child and because of that was overly protected by their parents. It made things difficult for OP. She had to downplay all of her successes to accommodate her sister.

“She always got a cake and more presents on my birthday so she wouldn’t feel left out, I was told to hide my grades as she did very badly at school, I was also not allowed to display any trophies in my room because she might see them and get upset,” OP explained.

“My sister 100% leaned into this and made my life hell. She would make stuff up so my parents would take stuff from me and give it to her. I was even told to not go to my prestigious university (think ivy league but in my country) because it would upset her. When I chose to go my parents cut me off.”

OP is newly pregnant and thrilled.

She shared her news on social media, and as soon as her sister saw it, she went berserk. She’s had trouble with her fertility and has had nine miscarriages, which OP recognizes is devastating for her, but she also thinks that she should be able to celebrate her baby freely despite her sister’s circumstances.

OP’s sister and her parents don’t play a role in her life, so she didn’t feel the need to share the news with them ahead of time. Her sister took it so far as to report the post, and her parents ignored it, so she blocked them

The family got together for New Year’s, and things got ugly.

OP was invited to her grandparents’ for New Year’s, as she always is, and so was the rest of her family. Her sister acted like a total jerk and made the night all about her.

“My sister started screaming at my grandparents saying how they could invite me after ‘what I did to her.’ She was also screaming at my belly as it offended her. She kept crying and saying how I could do this to her. I told her I did nothing to her,” OP wrote.

She went on to tell her that she isn’t a sister, she is a bully and she doesn’t want her in her life at all. OP’s grandparents and uncles were over the fighting and kicked the parents and sister out. Her sister got all dramatic, as usual, and had her friends report OP’s Facebook account over and over, so she deleted it. Does it make her an a–hole because she now wants nothing to do with them?

Redditors think her family is a bunch of nuts.

People were genuinely concerned for OP after how her family acted and suggested she be careful.

Someone warned: “Honestly I would go no contact and quite frankly I’m worried about you if they’re that deranged. Do not ever be alone with these people.”

“My worry before reading this was they’d change their mind once they had a grandchild and/or enable some weird transference where your sister becomes overly involved with your kid,” someone else wrote. “But yeah the reporting content to fb and the rest of it seems unhinged.”

“Honestly if i was in your place id be scared my crazy ass sister would hurt my kid,” another person commented. “NTA, you parents and sister are huge AHs tho.”

Pregnancy is exciting, and it’s totally unfair for OP’s family to ruin that.

Redditors know how excited OP must be and think her family is trying to sabotage that because they have made her sister a victim her whole life.

“NTA create a new account and share your fantastic news, only ‘friend’ people you trust,” a Redditor advised. “Congratulations wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Your sister is jealous and entitled. Your parents will pay for this by not being grandparents to your child% future children.”

“I am so sorry you had such an awful childhood,” another comment reads. “I hope your pregnancy goes easily and you have a lovely baby. Having a happy life really is the best revenge.”

“Stay off social media for a while,” someone recommended. “Take as many photos as you want during your pregnancy and after the birth of your child….but just save them.”

OP, your family members are in the wrong, not you.

Redditors were overwhelmingly in OP’s corner on this one. No one wants her to pander to her family’s BS anymore. She is entitled to enjoy her pregnancy and life as a mother without them causing her unhappiness.

They wished her good luck with her pregnancy and congratulated her on standing up for herself. Nobody has time for this kind of drama, especially not when they’re getting ready to bring a baby into the world.