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New Evidence in JonBenét Ramsey’s Murder

Christmas should have been full of excitement for the Ramsey household. The family of four had visited their friends on the 25th, and the following day they planned to take their private jet from their main home in Boulder, Colorado to their second home in Michigan, to spend the rest of the holidays there. However, no sooner had mom Patsy gone downstairs to start breakfast that morning, that the family’s whole world collapsed around them.

JonBenét was missing, and on the stairs lay a three-page ransom note, asking for money in return for her safe delivery. Just hours later, JonBenét was found in the basement of the Ramsey’s substantial Boulder home, where she’d been strangled and potentially sexually assaulted.

Six-year-old JonBenét’s murder has never been solved, but nearly 25 years after her death, one criminal profiler and retired psychologist may have the answers.

One TikToker claims that she sat through a lecture with a guest appearance from John Philpin, who then disclosed unknown evidence about JonBenét’s case.

The evidence can apparently settle many of the rumours surrounding the murder and the subsequent investigation, including that JonBenét wasn’t murdered by her older brother, as many believe.

According to the four-part video, which has now been viewed over 200,000 times collectively, the woman makes a case for eight-year-old Burke being unable to strangle his little sister, due to not being strong enough.

According to Philpin, an intruder could be to blame for JonBenét’s murder, and it all comes down to the ransom amount of $118,000.

John Ramsey’s bank statement was on his desk, visible to anyone who came into the house. Because of this, an intruder could have seen the additional money the Ramseys had and requested it off the back of this letter.

Philpin also apparently refers to tampering. When JonBenét was missing, her parents received a lot of visitors to their home, so the crime scene was quickly muddied.

Recently, Radar Online confirmed that two men, Roscoe J. Clark and Derek Brommerich, believe they’ve found a suspect in JonBenét’s case. The men, who run an online group relating to JonBenét’s murder, went to Colorado to gather DNA evidence from someone they believe is a suspect.

So, with this new information, do we believe that an intruder murdered JonBenét Ramsey, was it an inside job, or are Clark and Brommerich on the right trajectory?