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SERBIAN SERIAL KILLER ARRESTED IN GERMANY He presented himself as a family man, robbed and killed pensioners! (PHOTO)

A Serb (31) was arrested today in Germany for robberies and at least two murders of pensioners. The German police issued a warrant for him, and the local media labeled him a serial killer.

Namely, the suspect is a father of two children from Serbia, and is suspected of the murders in Schwabisch hall.

– Investigators are charging a man with murdering a 77-year-old in December and an 89-year-old last week in their apartments. In addition, it is being checked whether the man is also responsible for the robbery of an 83-year-old man in his house about two weeks ago. Investigators are also investigating whether the arrested person killed another pensioner in the area in October 2020.

– Police headquarters in Allen released his photo robot, and it was an “important piece of the puzzle” in the investigation – said police chief Rainer Möhler.

In addition, DNA on the seized murder weapon led police to the suspect.