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She Falsely Accused Over A Dozen Men Of Rape, And They Just Handed Down Her Sentence…

As an old saying states “Think before you speak as you can’t take back what you say.” While the proverb is typically used as a tool to teach children about the power of words, the saying holds weight in a variety of scenarios—one of them being false accusations.

False allegations are situations in which someone is falsely accused, charged, or found guilty of a crime. False charges can take many different forms, but sexual misconduct is the main cause of them. Unfortunately, as these stories demonstrate, false charges can destroy reputations and entire lives.

There are various reasons why someone might accuse someone else of a crime they have not committed. They are occasionally rendered improperly as a result of a misidentification or an incorrect interpretation of the facts. The person making the accusation can fervently think that the accused actually committed the crime.

In other cases, they are doing it to shift blame for retaliation or vengeance from themselves to someone else. Unfortunately, false accusations are routinely made against people, which can ruin their life. It may be difficult to dissuade some individuals from believing the charges are false, which might have far-reaching effects.

In 2017, a woman from Hounslow, west London was found guilty of perverting the course of justice and perjury after wrongly claiming she’d been assaulted by multiple men  Jemma Beale, a 27-years-old was branded a “very convincing liar,” she claimed that six men sexually assaulted her and an additional nine male strangers who gang-raped her in four different encounters over a three-year period. She even injured herself to back up a claim that she had been assaulted with barbed wire, in July 2012.

Detectives first became suspicious when one of Beale’s previous partners claimed a man had been wrongly jailed for raping her in November 2010.

Her claim that she’d been raped by Mahad Cassim led to the then 23-year-old spending two years and nine months behind bars. Beale was later awarded £11,000 in criminal injuries compensation while Mr. Cassim languished behind bars.

Police spent more than £250,000 and 6,400 hours investigating Beale’s claims.

According to the police, the material was discovered while authorities were looking into a different Beale complaint in which she claimed to have been raped by several individuals during an incident in November 2013. Officers reviewed four inquiries into Beale’s claims of rape and sexual assault after becoming concerned about his account.

Police were further convinced that Beale may have made up the claims after noticing repeated inconsistencies and comparable conditions.

The Metropolitan Police reported that one of the rape claims Beale made to police in 2010 resulted in a man’s conviction and a seven-year sentence.

The man appealed his conviction, and it was overturned at the Court of Appeal in July 2015 when the CPS and his defense team were informed that there were major questions over the veracity of Beale’s allegations.

In a victim impact statement, the man told the court he had been hugely affected by the false claim.

He added: “One of my goals is to be a successful businessman, to have a nice family and be happy. I am working on the happiness – I have a long way to go.”

Beale had also made up the story that, in July 2012, a stranger had inappropriately touched her in a bar.

She claimed that after being assaulted with barbed wire, he and a bunch of other men gang-raped her, and she even sustained injuries as proof.

Then in 2013, Beale made false accusations against six additional guys.

She alleged that two strangers sexually raped her in close proximity to her home before two months later being subjected to a second gang rape attack by four other people.

Metropolitan Police Detective Sergeant Kevin Lynott said of Beale:

“Her manipulation of the criminal justice system has caused police to direct significant amounts of resource into investigating her bogus complaints as well as her own offending.

“She has also significantly impacted on the NHS as a result of her complaints and used up many other limited resources that are relied upon by genuine survivors.

“Not only that, but she then went on to give false testimony at court, which resulted in the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of a completely innocent man.

“Beale has been exposed as a serial liar and I can only think that she was motivated partly by financial reward, but mainly the attention and control over her partners and family at the time she made the allegations.

“The impact on those she falsely accused has been devastating, however hopefully the outcome now fully exonerates all the men she falsely accused of such heinous crimes.”